“Lonely Kitty on the Prowl: Speed Bump Tries Out Plush Companions in Foster Home”

Deborah, a resident of Chicago, recently sent a group of charming pets to their new loving homes. After that, she decided to adopt a one-week-old kitten whom she affectionately named “Speed Bump” simply because it sounded cute. Deborah has a penchant for naming her cats in amusing ways, as evidenced by her previous feline monikers like Underoo and Underpants Bunch, both of whom she dressed up in adorable costumes.
The kitten in question appears to be living up to its moniker, showing a slight delay in reaching the expected milestones. It’s clear that she requires a companion, but until she comes across another foster kitten, she’ll settle for playing with her plush toy buddies. This feline also gives off the impression of acting as a speed bump.
Check out this adorable snapshot of Speed Bump striking her best pose! This cute kitten loves to play pretend by transforming into a cozy couch speed bump. Despite losing her brother at an Indiana shelter, Speed Bump has found a loving home with Deborah, who adores her even with her short fuse and big appetite. While happily rolling around in her incubator, Speed Bump’s owner is busy baking tiny cookies for her furry friend. She really is pure perfection!
The Speed Bump is easily distinguishable by the orange patch on its face and a small white spot on its belly. Despite its unique appearance, the majority of its body is melon-colored, which its adoptive mother playfully refers to as “fake fabric”. Deborah couldn’t help but feel emotional as she watched the tiny baby Speed Bump eagerly take in 12 ml of formula from a syringe, especially considering it only weighed a mere 150g.
Speed Bump, a kitten without any feline companionship, was introduced to a new plush toy named Furriends. To keep Speed Bump company until she can be paired with a suitable kitten, her foster mother and daughter gave her a small velvet ghost for Halloween. Additionally, she has a stuffed toy that mimics the warmth and heartbeat of a Calmeroos cat in the incubator. The daughter crocheted the first toy herself.
The fluffy kitten had a fun weekend with the babysitter and made new soft friends. One of them caught her attention – a plush toy that she looked at curiously. When it was time to go home, the kitten brought her beloved stuffed mouse along with her.
Afterwards, the foster mother introduced the kittens to some more affluent companions. Additionally, she still persists in looking for another kitten to adopt. It’s hard to tell who impressed Speed Bump more because she took a liking to all of her plush friends. At just four weeks old, Speed Bump’s odd habit began to pay off when she started staring at her foster mother and rolling over.
This kitty is unique as she is the only child in her family, meaning she didn’t have any siblings to learn cat-raising tips from while growing up. But don’t worry, she’s still just as great as any other feline out there. As these two little fluff balls grow up, they become even closer and more loving towards each other. Finally, a loving family adopted them both and they will get to enjoy each other’s company forever.
Deborah sat in the peaceful foster home, reminiscing about the moments when she used to share the couch with her furry companions who had left for their forever homes. She couldn’t help but notice the vacant spots on the couch that were once occupied by the little kittens. However, being a responsible foster parent, she was aware that the kitten season was approaching, and she needed to prepare herself to rescue more feline babies.

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