Snuggle Up to ChoWder: Meet the Adorable Pooch Who Resembles a Teddy Bear and Melts Hearts

Despite his teddy bear-like appearance, this lovable animal is a dog with a lot of fur and goes by the name of ChoWder.

Introducing ChoWder, a delightful ChoW ChoW living in the bustling city of Manila, Philippines. This cute six-year-old has become an internet sensation due to his uncanny resemblance to a massive stuffed teddy bear. His plush and fluffy coat, along with his broad snout and endearing chubby face, make him look like a real-life 20kg teddy bear effortlessly.

ChoWder is commonly known as “ChoWder the Bear Dog” because of his striking resemblance to a bear. He has gained a massive following on his Instagram account, which he established in 2015, where fans can’t seem to get enough of his charming pictures and videos.

Bernice Lozano, the owner of the adorable dog Chowder, was pleasantly surprised by the level of popularity her furry friend has achieved. Whenever they go out to the mall together, passersby can’t help but stop and admire Chowder’s cuteness, often taking pictures and videos of him.

Bernice is overjoyed by the happiness his furry friend brings to others. Seeing people’s delight when they encounter ChoWder is what truly matters to him. Many can’t help but comment on how much ChoWder looks like a teddy bear, which only adds to the joy he spreads.

According to Bernice, their mom and dad gifted them an extraordinary animal companion that looks like a bear due to his distinct attributes. She explained that his grooming habits, fur color, and circular snout contribute to his bear-like appearance.

According to Bernice, her dog is quite lazy and prefers to spend his day snacking and lounging around the house.

In January 2019, near her home in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Valeria stumbled upon a small kitten next to some trash cans. Her compassionate heart immediately felt for the one-month-old feline and she was eager to help.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Valeria remembered stumbling upon a Facebook post from a man who was asking for help. The man had heard the cries of a kitten while on his way to work and decided to bring it along. On closer inspection, he discovered that the kitty was in bad shape.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

The person who rescued the young cat didn’t have the necessary knowledge or tools to properly take care of it, so they turned to social media for help. Valeria saw their post and offered to assist, which led to the man bringing the kitten to Valeria’s home that evening. When the cat arrived, Valeria noticed that it was thin and in poor condition.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Valeria discovered a helpless and overlooked kitten that was in need of a name, despite its frail condition. She drew inspiration from Margot, the central character in her beloved anime Lupin the Third, and named the kitten after her. Valeria felt that Margot’s lively and energetic personality made it the perfect choice for her furry friend.
Valeria took the small kitten to the veterinary clinic to receive proper medical care and to look after it temporarily until she could find a permanent home for it. Since Valeria works as a flight attendant and travels frequently, she only intended to foster Margot.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Following a thorough examination, it was uncovered that the juvenile cat had a visual impairment and was also struggling with epilepsy. The belief is that these ailments were passed down from her mother while she was still in the womb. Despite Valeria’s best efforts to find someone to adopt the feline, she faced numerous obstacles due to the cat’s special needs. “I tried advertising her, but unfortunately, no one seemed interested in taking her in because of her disabilities,” Valeria reminisced. Fortunately, Valeria was able to provide the necessary care for the grey and white kitten, who became an integral part of her life with the help of her close friend Sonia.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

It’s been more than a year now, and Margot, the extraordinary cat is doing great. Whenever Valeria has to go out of town for work, Sonia, her neighbor, takes care of Margot. Valeria explains that taking care of Margot involves administering her epilepsy medicine every 12 hours, which can be both time-consuming and expensive, making it difficult for many people to handle.
Compared to an average feline, Margot may require additional attention, finances, and dedication due to her blindness and epileptic condition. However, she is a happy and active creature who leads a normal life despite her challenges. Valeria notes that some people might assume that blind cats cannot have a fulfilling existence or engage in playful activities like their sighted counterparts, but that is not true at all.
Margot, Valeria’s furry friend, loves to play with an old toothbrush, which she seems to adore sinking her teeth into. Besides indulging in playful activities, Margot enjoys soaking up the sun on the terrace, listening to classical music with her mom, and spending time with other dogs by the riverbank.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Margot, a visually impaired cat, is usually good at navigating around the house. However, her epilepsy can cause her to stumble and become frightened, resulting in her running into furniture and walls after a seizure, sometimes injuring her nose. Fortunately, Margot’s seizures are infrequent due to medication, and although she requires more attention than other cats, Valeria believes that special needs cats like Margot are worth the extra effort. While taking care of them may require more time and money, Valeria believes that people should know how rewarding it is to have these cats in their lives and how much love they can give in return.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Valeria holds the belief that cats facing special challenges, much like Margot, possess an exceptional capacity to recover and inspire others. In 2019, Valeria came across Margot, who was frail, malnourished, and unwell. Nevertheless, presently, after almost two years, this graceful cat boasts excellent health, vitality, and joy.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

Valeria shares how her furry companion has a strong and empowering personality that influences her as well. Additionally, she adores her cat’s loving nature, which is shown through playful gestures like rubbing against her legs.

blind rescue cat with epilepsy

To delve deeper into the world of this beautiful cat, check out Margot’s Instagram profile.

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