These 4 Babies Are 12 Days Old. There Were 6 Kittens But 2 Pᴀssᴇᴅ Away Last Week

They were born outside by a very young mother who rejected them, so they were brought to the shelter just a day old.

I was asked if I wanted to get them but I was still bottle feeding Pooh kittens and we had family visiting. So the shelter director took care of them, and she worked full time. That’s a lot to take on, especially since these babies didn’t do well and all had to be tube-fed.

We’re happy to have them here temporarily to give our shelter director some time off. They were named by shelter workers, after fast food places. Mother is Wendy (like mentioned in the previous post) she has rejected her kittens and is at the shelter awaiting castration

The babies are Zaxby, Rally and Quizno, all boys. Anne is the only female. I knew it would come and why the necklace?

To identify each kitten was weighed several times a day and the amount of kitten formula they ate was recorded, as well as “potting habits”. It’s an easy way to keep them all for now. The collars are soft velvet with Velcro and they are tested to make sure they fit. On their teen’s small neck, the collar looks huge. Think of them as helping, not harming the kitten. Collars are especially beneficial for midnight feedings, when I use dimmer lighting.

Can’t wait to see how “cute” the 4 of them are. Right now they’re crunchy from the recipe dripping down their tiny bodies. I’ll let them settle down a bit before showering. Baby wipes and damp face towels can only do so much. Currently, “get a crunch” troublemaker since midnight when he decided not to eat. As such, he is on the feeding tube. It looked like he was getting ready to get a haircut on the barber chair because I wrapped a small towel around him, just leaving his head out while I tube-fed him.

This keeps his foot from pulling the tube out and makes it easier for him to grip.

Get close to Rally. He is our sports cat. Current Rally competition on newborns. Kitten Volleyball Team. Getting him to practice again was difficult. You could say being excited about bottle time is an overstatement.

Quizno hasn’t had to be tube-fed in the last few feedings! He only drank about half of what he should be eating at each feeding and did not lose any weight but he did not gain like other things. I believe he will. Zaxby had very loose stools, possibly due to a change in diet.

Annie (I call her Annie because she looks more like Annie than Anne) is short-tempered and demanding. She is usually fed first. She is a bit smaller than the boys.

Rally is an easy baby. He’s perfect, he’s a healthy eater, and he’s getting more and more fluffy by the day.

They are 2 weeks old today and weigh the same as a 1-1.5 week old kitten.

They have a fairly low birth weight. Operation Kitten Chunky is underway for them.

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