A Cute Puppy’s Heartbreaking Struggle to Find a Loving Home

During a visit to her grandmother’s house, a child noticed a stray dog wandering in the yard. Wanting to help the poor animal, she called a rescue group, who promptly came to the scene. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the dog was nowhere to be found. Determined to locate the dog, the volunteers searched high and low until one of them discovered the pup hiding in a bush. The rescue group quickly realized that the dog was in dire need of assistance, as she had been starving for six months and was suffering from a severe skin disease and infected sores all over her body. Without hesitation, the rescue group agreed to take the dog in and provide her with the care she desperately needed.

When the rescue team arrived, they promptly assessed the state of the dog’s health and determined that immediate medical attention was necessary. The poor pooch was severely emaciated, barely weighing a few pounds, and was too feeble to stand on her own. Without hesitation, they whisked the pup away to the veterinarian clinic for critical care. A medicinal bath was administered, and a regimen of antibiotics was initiated to help nurse her back to health.

According to the rescue team, the dog was found to be suffering from Babesiosis, a tick-borne illness that causes anemia, fever and other related symptoms. To help treat the disease, she needed a blood transfusion which was quickly arranged and closely monitored by the team to track her progress.

Road to Rehabilitation Ivy, the dog that was rescued, began to recuperate gradually. She was provided with frequent and small meals to aid in restoring her vitality. The rescue team was amazed at Ivy’s response when she was served food. She would gaze at the meal for a moment before consuming it, as if surprised by her fortune. Clearly, Ivy had never relished a delightful dinner before.

Despite the challenging circumstances, Ivy displayed a brave and resilient attitude. Her determination to pull through was unwavering. Within days, Ivy’s physical condition began to improve significantly as she started gaining weight. From being underweight and frail, her weight increased by several pounds, reaching almost 7kg. The rescue team was overjoyed by Ivy’s progress and delighted to witness her recovery journey.

Ivy spent a week receiving medical care at the vet’s, and she was happy to leave once she felt better. The rescue group was confident that she would move on from her past and look forward to a brighter future. Ivy’s next destination was a new home in the United Kingdom, where a caring godmother would watch over her.

The heartwarming story of Ivy’s rescue highlights the incredible impact that love and care can have on an animal’s life. Despite a difficult start, Ivy has been given a second chance thanks to the dedication of a rescue group and the generosity of its supporters. With their help, Ivy has transformed from a helpless and sickly dog into a happy and healthy one. Her new life in the UK is filled with love and attention, reminding us that every animal deserves a chance at happiness and that anything is possible with a little help.

In contrast, many cats are content to stay indoors or explore the familiar surroundings of their home. However, Lukrecja is not your average feline. This brave cat has embarked on an adventurous journey to explore nearly 30 countries – and she’s not done yet! Despite overcoming a serious illness, Lukrecja’s passion for travel has not waned, and her devoted owners are eager to continue accompanying her on her global expeditions.


Meet Lukrecja, a Maine Coon from Szczecin, Poland, who has an extraordinary daily routine that sets her apart from her peers. After overcoming severe hyperthyroidism, she decided to live every day like it’s her last. Adopted by a couple who loves cats and traveling, Lukrecja learned to walk on a leash and started exploring different parts of the world. This adventurous feline has already discovered 33 countries, including Turkey and Georgia. She enjoys visiting natural parks, castles, and lakes. However, traveling with a cat requires careful planning, especially when it comes to finding pet-friendly accommodations and bringing quality food and litter. Despite the challenges, Lukrecja and her owners are determined to continue their adventures and explore new destinations, such as Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Malta, and Morocco. With her charming poses, Lukrecja will undoubtedly create lasting memories on her travels.

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