“A Feline Friend for Dad with Dementia: Heartwarming Reaction to a Robotic Cat”

Dementia refers to a collection of symptoms that affect memory, communication, and cognitive abilities. It can also result in uncontrollable emotions and personality changes. Dealing with dementia can be a challenging experience for both the affected individual and their loved ones. If not properly managed, this disease can cause significant distress and heartache for all parties involved.

Regardless of the situation, it’s undeniable that we’ll go all out to assist those we hold dear. Cheryl Yates is one such example who knew exactly how to handle Lewy body dementia, as her father Bob was experiencing its last stages at the age of 88. The family, residing in Ontario, Canada, came together to assist Bob – a lifelong cat enthusiast who had raised nine felines and adored them all. Although he missed his furry companions, he was bedridden in the hospital and unable to meet them.

Cheryl took action to assist her cat-loving dad by purchasing a robotic cat from Joy For All, a company under Hasbro that focuses on providing joy, companionship, and comfort to the elderly.

Cheryl recently shared on social media that her father has a great love for cats, and he always had one as a pet. To make his Christmas special, they gifted him with a Joy For All robotic cat that looks and feels lifelike, resembling his favorite orange and white tabby. This interactive kitty responds to human touch, voice, and petting. It can purr, meow, lick its paws, roll over, blink, and even head butt. Her father is absolutely delighted with this robotic cat and has named it Buddy. It provides him with immense comfort and companionship, making him happier and calmer than ever before.

As you scroll through Cheryl’s Facebook album, it’s evident that her father cherishes his feline companion. The mechanical cat brought him immense happiness, and he couldn’t resist hugging it repeatedly. The post garnered several heartfelt comments from well-wishers expressing their love for Bod and the family.

Sylvie Schiller commented on Yates’ post, sharing that her mother suffers from dementia and owns a cat of the same color as the one in the post. Despite her declining health, her mother’s face lights up with a big smile when the nurse puts the cat on her lap and it starts to meow or purr. Schiller highly recommends this cat to anyone looking for a companion.

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