A Kind-Hearted Woman Rescues Feral Cat During Hurricane Ian by Earning Its Trust

If you’ve ever had the experience of a stray cat occupying your home, you are aware that it takes time and patience for them to feel comfortable. The same was true for Old Man, who was suddenly forced to live indoors during Hurricane Ian. Old Man and his owner had to weather the storm while beginning the process of creating a comfortable environment for him.

Lady Sidereal recently recounted the story of Old Man on the Cats subreddit, seeking solace for her guilty conscience after bringing the feral cat indoors before he was ready. Her post also sought advice on helping a feral cat adjust to an indoor lifestyle. Despite feeling like she betrayed her feline friend, Lady Sidereal knew that bringing him inside was the right thing to do. She had to protect Old Man from a powerful hurricane that was headed their way.
A few weeks prior, Lady Sidereal noticed an old, fluffy cat at a nearby colony. The cat, whom she named Old Man, had missing fur, deep wounds, and parasite infestations. Lady Sidereal took the senior cat to the vet for treatment, and Old Man returned to the colony on the road to recovery. Lady Sidereal would often visit Old Man, providing him with food and companionship. Old Man was doing well at the colony and had even made a cat buddy.

Lady Sidereal shared on Reddit about Ian, the new kitty she recently adopted. She admitted that she had failed to trick him inside her home before but succeeded in scaring him today. She ensured that he could not escape and witnessed him freaking out all over the room. After calming him down, Lady Sidereal offered him some fish, hoping it would soothe him. However, Ian rejected the offer and instead scratched her. Lady Sidereal decided to let him be and allowed him to retreat to safety beneath the bed.

Lady Sidereal describes how her cat, Old Man, has hidden underneath her bed and refuses to come out. She has provided him with food, water, and a litter box nearby. To help him feel more comfortable, she has kept the lights low and played lo-fi music for cats. Despite her efforts, Lady Sidereal worries that her cat feels betrayed, as all caring cat owners do when their furry companions are stressed. It is difficult not being able to communicate to our pets that everything will be okay. Nonetheless, Lady Sidereal is doing everything she can to ensure Old Man’s well-being.

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