A Tale of a Feline’s Transformation: From Feral to Friendly After Finding a Forever Home

One day, a cat that used to behave like a wild animal during most parts of his life transformed completely after he was brought indoors.

happy tabby cat

Meet Shane, the adventurous feline who spent his early years roaming the streets of the Bronx. Despite braving the elements and fending for himself, Shane was in need of medical attention when he was rescued to be neutered. In his crate, he appeared very feral and would not allow anyone near him. However, PuppyKittyNYCity rescuers noticed that he had an injured tail that required treatment and time to heal. Upon arrival, his chart read “caution”, but within a few days, a note was added that said “super sweet”. According to Meagan Licari, president of the rescue, Shane suddenly became friendly and is now a complete love-bug.

chubby cheeks cat

snuggly tabby cat

One fine day, Shane made up his mind to adore the rescue center named LovePuppyKittyNYCity. As soon as he entered the place, he became friendly with everyone around him. Shane would extend his paws to get some love and affection from the caretakers and even request them to scratch his chin and cheeks. He was so at ease that his tongue would slightly stick out, making him look like he was grinning happily.

sweet tabby cat smile

When Shane stumbled upon playing with toys, he found his inner kitten and it was a game-changer. Not only did he gain the affection of everyone he met, but he also won over the hearts of other cats. He loved to relax on cat beds and scratchers, always ready for some belly rubs. His demeanor was laid-back, making him the chillest cat around. Additionally, he had a voracious appetite. The name PuppyKittyNYCity perfectly suited this lovable feline.

happy tabby cat friendly

Shane, the cheeky cat, is an adventurous feline who adores everyone he meets. He’s always eager to try new things and explore his surroundings. Despite his playful nature, he equally loves cuddling with his humans. Once he’s being petted, Shane transforms into a ball of mush and leans into his human, closing his eyes with contentment. Head scritches are his absolute favorite, and he enjoys playing with wand toys as well. Spending quality time with humans is something that brings immense joy to Shane’s heart.

tabby cat smile shane

Shane, the ex-feral tomcat, always wore a charming grin on his face. He frequently kept Meagan company by sitting on her lap, offering his “help.” Shane had finally found love and was determined to never be lonely again. He made sure to stick close to his humans at all times, either perching on their laps or snuggling into their arms whenever possible.

snuggly tabby cat sleeping

sleeping tabby cat shane

cat friends snuggling

Shane, the mischievous cat, finally found his perfect home indoors and quickly made friends with the kind volunteers. He left a lasting impression on everyone he met and filled their hearts with joy. Now, Shane is living his best life, relishing every moment in his forever home.

sweet cat tabby

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