“Adorable Feline Cuteness: Meet the Charming Curly Haired Kittens That Will Melt Your Heart”

Cats are known for their distinctive features like purring and velvety straight fur. However, it may come as a surprise to many that there are cats with curly hair – the Selkirk Rex breed being one of them. Check out these gorgeous felines!
Switzerland is home to four cute and fluffy kittens named Tony, Manny, Sosa, and Elvira, who are all part of the Selkirk Rex breed. These cats are known for their round heads, short snouts, plump bodies, and stunning curly fur.
With their unique curly fur, Selkirk Rex cats stand out among other breeds. These feline beauties are affectionately referred to as “sheep cats” due to their fluffy coat. The breed emerged in 1987 in Montana’s Selkirk Mountains and was named after the stunning range. Interestingly, their curly hair is a result of a spontaneous genetic mutation from a blue tortoiseshell and white cat.

Jeri Newman, the breeder, named the first Selkirk Rex kitten as Miss DePesto after her stepfather. However, she later discovered that DePesto carried not just the dominant curly-coat gene but also the recessive gene for long hair. It is important to note that both parents of a feline must have at least one copy of the long-hair gene to produce a long-haired offspring.

The TICA board of directors brought in a fresh type in 1990, which quickly made a name for itself. The CFA placed it under the miscellaneous category two years after that, and it attained the CFA championship status in 2000.
Selkirk Rex cats are famous for their curly fur, but there are also some with straight hair. As they mature, the curls become more permanent, yet the fur remains incredibly plush, leading many to refer to them as “teddy bear” cats.
The group of four adorable kittens from Switzerland has gained popularity on social media, with more than 111k followers on Instagram. Their unique curly fur patterns have captured the hearts of many cat lovers and sparked a new level of excitement for feline fans everywhere!

If you think these furry creatures are cute, go ahead and share them with your loved ones. Are you considering getting a Selkirk Rex as a pet? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to browse through our website for more fascinating articles!

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