Aged Feline Clings to Beloved Sweater Against All Odds

Although most cats may appear similar to the untrained eye, each one possesses a distinct personality. However, the feline we’re discussing today is undoubtedly one-of-a-kind. Steve, the cat, recently became an internet sensation on Imgur after his owner shared a video of him protesting against taking off his sweater.
This elderly New Jersey-based cat loathes being without his sweater. It provides him with warmth and comfort, and he adores sporting sweaters all the time. According to Steve’s owner, he is an extremely affectionate cat who loves to cuddle throughout the day. His admiration for sweaters is truly unique – most cats enjoy them, but they are not as passionate about wearing them constantly or at all.
After relocating to a new city, Steve’s owner put him in a sweater to keep him warm. Initially, Steve was hesitant about it, but he eventually grew fond of it. It probably feels good on his old, creaky bones. When Steve’s owner attempted to remove the sweater, he began to protest. However, the moment the sweater went back on, he immediately became quiescent.
Take a look at Steve’s cute little sweater pictures – they’re sure to make even the frostiest hearts melt.
Steve is an 18-year-old New Jersey-based cat who recently became an internet sensation on Imgur.

One of the distinct qualities of this adorable creature is that he absolutely loves donning sweaters.

When his human was relocating to a new place, she had a bright idea of dressing Steve up in a cozy sweater to keep him warm during the flight. This was how she found out that Steve could rock a cute little outfit like a fashion icon.

Initially, he was not fond of it, but upon reaching his destination, he became content with donning it.
Whenever someone removes a sweater from Steve without returning it immediately, he becomes quick to voice his complaints.
Once the power comes back on, he instantly becomes calm and settles in for a cozy nap.
An aging cat has grown fond of his sweater and doesn’t want to part with it. He clings onto the clothing item with all his might, showing a deep attachment to it.

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