Big-hearted Giant Takes in Adorable Rescue Owl, Their Heartwarming Friendship is Sure to Brighten Your Day

Meet Tanja Brandt, a passionate wildlife and animal photographer from Germany who has dedicated her entire life to capturing stunning images of these majestic creatures.

Brandt switched things up and captured an unusual duo for her latest project. She photographed the unlikely companionship between Ingo, a Belgian shepherd, and Poldi (a cute nickname for Napoleon), a one-year-old owl. The two have developed a strong bond that is quite remarkable.

In an interview with Inspiremore, Brandt explains that the bond between Ingo and Poldi is akin to that of a protector and protected. According to Brandt, Ingo acts as a guardian for Poldi, who apparently lacks the knowledge of living a free life. The friendship shared by the dog and owl is certainly unusual but heartwarming nonetheless.

A heartwarming tale of an unexpected bond between a canine and a bird of prey.

The Unusual Companionship Between A Pooch And A Nocturnal Bird

Ingo is a fiercely loyal friend and their friendship is just as unbreakable in real life as it looks in Tanja’s pictures.