BIG NEWS!!! After the crisis: concernedaout whether fans will embrace the upcoming spinoff of OG Kids’ “Sister Wives.”!

Since the loss of Garrison Brown, there are many fans unsure about how the future Sister Wives seasons

can work. While some fans are adamant they will not watch, others want something positive to come out

of the terrible loss of one of the Brown family members.

The Future Of Sister Wives

Seemingly, the filming had already been in progress for Sister Wives Season 19 before the death of Garrison Brown. Since they have already proceeded with the production, it appears there will be a continuation in the story of the Browns. However, some fans are leery about how TLC will lay out the series. Some want to see as much as possible and others believe it would be torture to watch now that Garrison has died. Additionally, there are many discussions about what moving forward looks like for the show. Notably, some fans think the story should highlight the three wives after splitting from Kody Brown. Some think there could be an emphasis on preserving Garrison’s legacy and steering others away from suicide.

The Brown family from Christine Brown's InstagramThe Brown family – Instagram

Fans Discuss Plausible Spin-offs For Sister Wives

On Reddit, some Sister Wives fans struck up a conversation about the potential of a spin-off series. First, they kick it off saying, “Plyglet Life.” Then give a brief description of what a spin-off with the Brown kids might look like: “Would you support them wrapping up SW and doing a ‘Counting On‘ style spin-off of just the consenting adult kids? Who would be your dream cast?”

Janelle Brown Christine Brown’s Children From Sister Wives – Instagram

Brown Kids Spin-off

Furthermore, the Reddit poster believes it takes the pressure off Sister Wives’ Brown family as a whole. Additionally, it could give TLC the option to write Kody and Robyn Brown out of the contract. The user also thought having visits from some of the “moms,” (Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown) would be a

Janelle Brown   Christine Brown's Children From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 Instagram

n easy add. Also offering the option for any family that wants to participate but excluding those who don’t want to continue. For instance, the user offers their “dream cast” line-up: “Gwen-n-spouse Leon-n-spouse Maddie-n-spouse Gabe Mykelti-n-Bologna Paedon.”

Janelle Brown With Her Children, From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @janellebrown117 InstagramJanelle Brown with her children – Sister Wives – Instagram

Other Sister Wives Fans Weigh In

However, not everyone on Reddit thinks a Brown kids spin-off would work for Sister Wives.

“The problem with that is Maddie and Mykelti both have kids of their own. Do we want to exploit another generation?”“No. Who would do that other than Mykelti and Tony? Lmaooooooo terrible idea.”“No. I think we should leave the kids to their private lives.”“IF they were to do some sort of spin-off I’d like to see some kind of re-watch where they spill the beans on their real story, whatever that is? They don’t owe us that, but it would be nice to see what they made up and what parts of Sister Wives is based on some kernel of truth. It could be therapeutic for a lot of fans and I’m just interested in that side of their story.”

Many Fans Think It Wouldn’t Work

Many fans doubt that the Sister Wives kids would be on board. Likewise, some just think it is a bad idaoverall.

“Would Leon and Maddie even do it? I feel like it would just be Mykelti and Tony with frequent appearances by Gwen and Paedon, and none of that bunch is trustworthy.”“The ones that would do it are not the ones you’d want the scoop from. It would be the Paedon and Mykelti show.”“Tbh I hope all they do at this point is an extended ep talking about Garrison’s life and how they are doing 6/12 months on to bring awareness to the issues. Then that’s it. Nothing else. Cut the narc line and money to Kody and Robyn, let the other wives to move on and deconstruct.”Meri Brown   Leon Brown - InstagramMeri Brown Leon Brown – Instagram“Before Maddie had Joey I felt she was trying hard for a spin off, she was really trying to sell this perfect life with staged photos, that were professionally done, trying to be an influencer. But now I don’t know if she would want it. Leon definitely not, same as Logan and Aspyn.”

What do you think about there being a Sister Wives spin-off focusing on the kids? Do you want to see more episodes of the show? What are you hoping happens with the series? Continue the conversation in the comments below.

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