Recent revelations within the Brown family, known for their reality TV series “Sister Wives,” have shed

light on Kody Brown’s shocking behavior at Garrison’s memorial service. Reports suggest that Kody’s

actions were so reprehensible that his own children have chosen to sever ties with him due to the

emotional damage inflicted.

The memorial service for Garrison Brown, Robyn’s son, was intended to be a time of mourning and remembrance. However, it quickly turned into a scene of chaos and distress due to Kody’s alleged despicable antics.

Sources close to the family have revealed that Kody’s behavior at the memorial was beyond reproach, causing deep emotional harm to his children. Details of his actions have not been fully disclosed, but it’s been suggested that they were so egregious that his children have made the difficult decision to cut him off completely.

The fallout from Kody’s behavior has sent shockwaves through the Brown family and their supporters. Many are left reeling from the revelation that a father would behave in such a manner during a time of grief and vulnerability.

As the family attempts to come to terms with the aftermath of Garrison’s passing, they now also find themselves grappling with the fallout from Kody’s actions. The decision by his children to sever ties with him underscores the severity of the situation and the profound impact it has had on their relationships.

As the story continues to unfold, viewers are left eagerly awaiting further details and reactions from the Brown family. One thing is clear: Kody’s despicable antics at Garrison’s memorial have left a lasting mark on the family, forever altering the dynamics within the household.

Stay tuned as this shocking saga continues to develop, promising more revelations and repercussions along the way.

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