Captivating Images of Finnish Felines Enjoying the Winter Wonderland

Big cats are perfect for cuddling and giving love. From Northern Finland come four adorable felines named Sämpy, Hiskias Hääppönen, Elmeri, and Nelli, who are some of the chonkiest and fluffiest cats you’ll ever see. To add a little joy to your day and motivate you to start your day with a smile, we’ve put together a collection of their most wholesome and delightful photos. If you know someone who could benefit from some cat goodness, feel free to share this list with them. Don’t forget to give a thumbs up to your favorite Finnish cat pictures as you scroll down.
As the weather gets colder, we can’t help but want to cuddle with one of these cozy-looking cats forever. What about you, dear readers? Would you like to have a chubby cat like the ones in these pictures? If you already own one, we would love to hear about their personality and how to take care of them. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section and check out Bored Panda’s previous posts about cats for more feline fun (including Curious Zelda and Bocco and Zuu). In an interview with Bored Panda, Riikka Hedman, the owner of Sämpy and other cats, shared her insights into these majestic animals, their careers in publishing, and how Sämpy became an internet icon. Don’t forget to read the full interview below!
Riikka was ecstatic when she won the title of Photographer of the Year in a Finnish photography magazine’s contest back in 2014, and her prize was a “super-fast” camera. She practiced shooting with her new camera and captured a great jump shot of her cat, Sämpy. The photo became so popular that a journalist was sent to make an article about the feline, and it resulted in a lot of wishes for Sämpy to have his own Facebook page. Following this, Riikka created an Instagram account for Sämpy, which gained immense popularity.

Sämpy’s owner believes that the social media accounts’ success is due to the natural way in which she photographs her cats outdoors, in beautiful surroundings, and in funny situations without forcing them to do anything. She thinks that a good cat picture should capture the cat’s natural behavior and actions.

There are two books about Sämpy, with the first being “Cat Year,” published in 2016. The publisher then contacted Riikka to create a photo book about Sämpy, which was released last week. Additionally, Sämpy and Riikka have collaborated on calendars for three years.
Selecting images for a book can be a daunting task, but thankfully the publishing house has skilled professionals to assist. Although I have written some text, the books mainly consist of pictures. To add some local flavor, I use the regional dialect in the captions, which has been well-received. As for the future, I don’t have anything particular in mind, but I am open to suggestions. If someone wishes to feature Sämpy in an animated film, wallpaper or keychain, it’s all good, as long as he doesn’t have to travel. Sämpy loathes going on trips, Riikka pointed out.

Sämpy Co. has won the affection of countless internet users, primarily in Finland, but also across the globe. With over 104,000 followers on Instagram and 43,000 fans on Facebook, everyone eagerly anticipates new photos of Sämpy and his pals Hiskias, Elmeri, and Nelli. Interestingly, Nelli didn’t interact much with the other cats and despised the chilly weather, which is ironic considering she lived in Northern Finland.
During an interview with a Finnish blogger, Sämpy, the fluffy and chubby cat, shared some interesting details about its life. The journalist communicated that Sämpy answered the questions itself and revealed that it resides in the northern part of Oulu, specifically in Kalime village. The feline’s favorite pastime is hunting, and it enjoys catching mice and moles while also longing to catch birds, but they are too quick. Sämpy also mentioned its fondness for meeting its Secretary of Forest Trips and playing with its cat friend Elmeri. As for the cat’s diet, it eats dry food, wet food, meat, and salmon daily, but its favorite delicacy is butter. Sämpy expressed its love for sleeping outdoors on the grass if the weather permits, on the sofa, or even on top of the refrigerator indoors. The cat admitted to hearing when the butter box opens and being quite excited about it. The owner, who Sämpy refers to as its servant and maid, usually makes breakfast for the cats before leaving in the morning. In the summer, Sämpy considers itself to be the boss and gives orders to other cats and mice in the neighborhood.

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