Cat Endures Acid Attack From Humans, Yet Continues to Show Love and Trust towards People

This cute kitty suffered a terrible fate when someone cruelly poured acid on its head, causing it to lose an eye. Living as a stray in the dry Californian deserts, all the poor cat wanted was a little love, affection, and some food to survive.


The poor one-eyed cat had been wandering in agony for days until a compassionate woman found him on her porch. Without hesitation, she took him to the vet. However, his troubles were far from over.


It seems like the veterinarian who attended to the stray cat was clueless. All he did was prescribe some antibiotics, ran a test for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and advised to put the felines to rest because of the serious acid burns. The compassionate lady then reached out to Milo’s Sanctuary, an organization that focuses on providing hope and a new lease on life for cats with disabilities, elderly cats, those with terminal illnesses, and mistreated cats who require care, affection, and empathy.


The feline was christened with the moniker ‘Sir Thomas Trueheart’ and quickly taken to the veterinarian’s office. The furry creature was subjected to a lengthy course of antibiotics, painkillers, and special sugar bandages to treat the nasty chemical burn. In addition, the cat underwent skin surgery to promote healing and new tissue growth.


Tommy, a brave cat, captured the hearts of the staff at Milo’s Sanctuary with his affectionate and loving nature. Despite almost losing his life due to his friendliness, he continues to trust humans and purr and kiss those who care for him. Tommy is currently in the care of Lifetime Care Foster and you have the opportunity to support his healing journey by sponsoring him. Visit the Animal On World category for more information.

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