“Compassionate Cat Lover Devotes £90,000 Annually to Rescuing Stray Felines”

Taking care of 122 stray cats costs a lady around £90,000 ($141,600) annually, but her spouse is completely supportive and doesn’t mind.

Silvana Valentino-Locke has provided a safe haven for all 122 cats. She and her spouse have opened up their four-bedroom house to 52 furry felines while the others have found a home in the nine cat houses that they built in their garden and nearby field.

Two decades ago, they transformed their property into a paradise for felines, which was fully developed in 1998 and is now known as Romney House Cat Rescue. Currently, there are about 30 to 40 cats who are eagerly waiting for loving homes. To take care of these furry friends, the owners have employed two “cat nannies” who live on-site.

Tony, the husband, shares his wife’s love for cats and wholeheartedly backs her in her endeavors. According to her, whenever a man approaches to adopt a cat, they invariably inquire whether she has a partner who is willing to put up with all the feline friends that they keep.

Taking care of a fluctuating number of 122 cats is not only a full-time job but also requires a considerable amount of money. The expenses include daily feeds, litter, and other necessities that sum up to around £500 ($787) per week. To ensure proper care, Mrs Valentino-Locke has hired two cat nannies who live with the cats and are paid £250 a week along with food and accommodation. Additionally, they spend £4,500 a month on veterinary bills.

Being a cat rescuer is no easy feat. The job is tiresome and demanding, with the phone ringing nonstop from people seeking help for their feline companions. But for those who dedicate themselves to this cause, home becomes a sanctuary for the 122 cats they have rescued.

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