“Discovering Life’s Lessons: Janelle Brown’s Reflections from Sister Wives”

Janelle Brown is generously sharing her life experiences and valuable lessons learned throughout her marriage to Kody Brown, both before and during their time on the reality show “Sister Wives.” Janelle’s independent spirit has always set her apart from the other wives, as she has maintained a successful career outside of the home since the show’s first season. She has worked in various industries, including food storage and real estate, and most recently, she has started her own wellness company while also working with Plexus. These experiences have shaped Janelle into a resilient and assertive individual who refuses to tolerate laziness, especially from her soon-to-be ex-husband, Kody. Janelle hopes to share her insights and advice with others to inspire them to embrace their true selves and stand up for what they believe in.
Janelle Brown: I Still Get Jealous of Kody Brown's Other Wives
In a candid Instagram Live session, Janelle emphasized the importance of embracing one’s true self and being comfortable in their own skin. She acknowledged that society often imposes unreasonable expectations and pressure on young adults to have their lives figured out quickly. Having been a people-pleaser herself, Janelle revealed that she had to undergo a journey of self-discovery to accept her authentic self. In the past, she had made efforts to accommodate Kody’s demands, but she realized that doing so came at the cost of sacrificing a part of her identity.
During the session, Janelle also shared her thoughts on the value of kindness and generosity. As a mother of six, she has had to exhibit remarkable patience while dealing with her children and navigating her complex relationships with Kody’s other wives. Throughout her stint on Sister Wives spanning 13 years, Janelle has never exhibited any signs of intentional malice towards her family members and has always been quick to offer helpful advice.
Sister Wives' Season 17: Christine, Kody Brown's Bombshell Revelations
Janelle learned the valuable lesson of setting boundaries and it proved to be essential in her life. In the latest installment of Sister Wives, Janelle demonstrated her newfound confidence by standing up to Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules. Despite Kody’s demand that Janelle evict her two older sons for disobedience, she refused to comply as she was the sole tenant on the agreement. This incident cemented Janelle’s stance against Kody’s domineering ways and made it clear that he had no control over her in her own home.
Sister Wives' Janelle Reflects on Boundaries, Life Lessons
According to Janelle, setting boundaries is important and shouldn’t be apologized for. Kody’s wives have been catering to his needs for a long time, and during family discussions, most of them would keep their concerns to themselves. However, Janelle has finally found her voice and won’t back down when it comes to her rights as a wife and woman.

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