“Ensuring Homeless Dogs Find Their Fur-ever Homes: How Dogs Eat Rite is Making a Difference this Holiday Season”

A new establishment called Dogs Eat Rite has recently opened its doors on Main Street in Williamsville and it’s been a booming achievement for them. Their primary objective is to ensure that dogs are consuming healthy meals while also aiding them in finding their forever homes. As a part of their initiatives, every Saturday afternoon they welcome a dog up for adoption to their premises in hopes of locating them a new family.

Up until now, a total of three canines have found their new homes through the unique adoption initiative. As for this upcoming weekend, Dogs Eat Rite is excited to welcome the neighborhood and introduce them to Horatio, an affectionate pooch who was rescued from Texas. This invitation is in honor of Small Business Saturday.

Meet Horatio, a Sharpei mix who is just 3 years old. He had a traumatic experience of being hit by a car in Texas, but thankfully Nickel City Canine Rescue rescued him and brought him to Buffalo. You can see the scars on his face, which prove that he has been through a lot. Unfortunately, no one has shown any interest in adopting him yet. Dogs Eat Rite has taken the initiative to find him a loving home, especially before the holidays. Although he will be spending Thanksgiving in a foster home, it would be great to find him a permanent home before Christmas!

Horatio is an animal lover. He enjoys spending time with dogs and cats, as well as being in crates, going for car rides, and taking baths. He has a relaxed personality and is easy-going. If you are interested in meeting Horatio, he will be available on Saturday, November 26th from 11 AM to 1 PM at Dogs Eat Rite located at 5735 Main Street in Williamsville. Even if you cannot adopt him, you can still make his day by spoiling him with treats or toys from the boutique at Dogs Eat Rite this Christmas.

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