“Feline Hitchhiker: Stray Cat Hops on an Uber, Anticipating a New Life Away from the Streets!”

A feline wanderer bided its time on the street, then hopped into an Uber when the door was opened, seemingly eager to be rescued from life on the streets.

sweet tuxedo cat stray

In the Bronx area, an Uber driver came across a solitary black and white cat lying on the road last month. A volunteer for Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue organization, she couldn’t resist checking on the stray cat. The feline was motionless until the cab door opened, and the Uber driver decided to take the cat with her. According to Love Meow, Little Wanderers NYC stated that the cat hopped right into the Uber without needing any carrier. It seemed as if he had been waiting for someone to rescue him.

stray cat car ride

The feline adventurer, Tux, made a daring move by hopping into an Uber car when its door opened. He then made himself comfortable on the dashboard and even sat behind the steering wheel, giving off the impression that he was in need of a safe ride. The driver was initially taken aback by this unexpected hitchhiker, but was more than happy to assist Tux in his journey. While petting the friendly cat, the driver noticed some scars from previous fights and discharge in his eyes. She named him Tux and happily provided him with some much-needed chin scratches as they traveled together.

stray cat uber car

Tux, the adorable tomcat, was happily receiving some chin scratches from his rescuer at littlewanderersnyc. The rescuers took him to the vet for a check-up and determined that he was approximately two years old. Despite being a scruffy fellow with an eye infection and a few battle scars, Tux was declared to be in good health overall. The rescue quickly arranged for a loving foster home for him, where he adjusted to indoor living with ease and felt right at home in no time.

sweet stray cat rescued

Tux is feeling overjoyed to be in a safe haven at littlewanderersnyc. After being treated with utmost care, his eyes have cleared up and he can see better. He has also been provided with a cozy cat bed which he has grown quite fond of. What Tux desires the most is the company of humans, seeking their affection and snuggling into their embrace.

cat stray tux

Tux is a huge fan of both food and snuggles. According to his foster mom Dana from @littlewanderersnyc, he is extremely affectionate and simply loves being close to humans for head scratches. Tux’s background as a stray has caused him some food insecurity, leading him to eat quickly and worry about when he’ll get his next meal.

sweet stray cat tux

According to @littlewanderersnyc, Tux is still getting the hang of being a domesticated cat. He’s learning how to use his litter box and to not eat too quickly. However, with support from his foster family, Tux is becoming more comfortable during mealtime and is appreciative of having a safe home and loving companions.

cat stray indoors bed

@littlewanderersnyc’s post showcases Tux, a cat who is incredibly happy when given affection and attention. He adores the cozy items he receives and enjoys sleeping in his cat bed. The post expresses the desire for Tux to find a permanent loving home, and the author is excited to assist him in finding one.

cat bed toys

The little wanderer, a cute tuxedo cat, was spotted sitting on the road. Fortunately, the right person came along and took him home to provide him with food and shelter. Now, he happily plays with his toys and cuddles up in his cozy cat beds. He is excited to find a forever home where he can feel loved and safe.

stray cat tux

Don’t forget to spread the word about this heartwarming story! You can find out more about Tux the cat and the wonderful work of Little Wanderers NYC by checking out their Instagram account @littlewanderersnyc and Facebook page.

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