“Feline Love: Heartwarming Bond between Cat and Rescued Kitten from Car Lot”

The feline was filled with excitement at the prospect of being around a freshly adopted kitten that was found at the car dealership. These little creatures are absolutely adorable!

calico kitten friends

Erica Whitsell, a kitten rescue advocate and veterinary technician, received an urgent call about a kitten in need of assistance approximately a month ago. The kitten was discovered alone in a car dealership without its mother, prompting the finders to seek help. Erica shared that the finders did the correct thing by waiting and observing the situation, but unfortunately, the mother did not return. Upon learning about the kitten’s plight, Erica didn’t hesitate to take the kitten under her wing, stating, “She was transported to me, and I immediately set to work.”

orphan kitten sleeping

Erica Whitsell came across a kitten named Parker in a car lot. Despite being around 5-6 days old, this furry feline was shockingly underweight and smaller than an average newborn. It was evident that Parker hadn’t eaten well in the past few days and was merely skin and bones. Given her fragile state, Erica faced some doubts during the initial 24 hours. However, she ensured that Parker had a warm and cozy bed to rest and started bottle-feeding her regularly, every few hours.

sweet tiny kitten

Erica Whitsell expresses relief as her baby Parker finally learns to latch onto a bottle and eagerly drinks down formula. The baby seems to be making up for lost time by voraciously consuming the nourishing liquid. Erica is cautiously optimistic that Parker’s voracious appetite will help her catch up on the missed meals.

kitten snuggly blankets

Upon opening her eyes, Parker was greeted by the world around her, which was a new experience. The resident calico cat, Phoebe, became curious when she heard the sound of a new kitten in the house. Although they didn’t have a formal introduction yet, Phoebe watched over the new kitten from outside the pen with patience and interest.

kitten meets cat

Erica Whitsell recounted that Phoebe would spend hours outside of Parker’s pen, watching her closely as she began to crawl and become more active. The little dog was completely enamored with her small companion and eagerly awaited the day when Parker would be big enough to play outside of her enclosure.

calico kitten friends

Erica Whitsell reports that Parker exhibited remarkable progress after spending two weeks in foster care. The dog displayed increased levels of energy and was eager to play with a companion, showing no signs of fear or hesitation. Phoebe, who had the privilege of meeting Parker in person for the first time, was ecstatic about the experience.

calico split face kitten

Erica Whitsell shared with Love Meow that Phoebe immediately showed kindness and tenderness towards Parker upon their first meeting. According to her, Phoebe has been teaching Parker how to behave like a kitten as he was raised by humans without any siblings. This includes learning how to play properly and interpret the body language of other cats.

cat kitten friends

Phoebe is a great mentor to Parker as she teaches her some cool feline skills and encourages her to play. Parker has learned how to use the litter box by following Phoebe’s example. The adorable calico is fond of the gray kitten and often motivates her to explore and play outside of her comfort zone.

calico cat split face kitten

Parker, under the nurturing care of her foster mother and steadfast support from Phoebe, has achieved numerous significant accomplishments. After engaging in fun-filled activities, the two occasionally rest as they cuddle together, eventually drifting into a deep slumber.

cat hugs kitten

Erica Whitsell
Currently, Phoebe is educating her youngling about the importance of boundaries since the latter has become quite energetic. She is handling Parker with remarkable patience as she demonstrates how to properly engage with other felines.

kitten wrestles calico cat

happy sleepy kitten friends

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