“Feline Rescues Named after “Succession” Characters Enjoy a Purrfect Season Finale!”

The Roys, the four adorable kittens named after Succession characters, have an exciting update. These “little lions” were discovered at a shelter in Los Angeles by foster Pie Chiu when they were only two days old in April 2022. They required round-the-clock bottle feeding to survive, and their foster parents ensured that they received it. Despite their challenging start to life, these little fighters persevered and are now thriving. The Roys’ names are Roman, Kendall, Siobhan (nicknamed Shiv), and Connor. They have captured everyone’s hearts with their feisty personalities and incredible cuteness. It’s hard to believe that they are real! Shiv, like her Succession namesake, is determined and a bit ferocious. This might be the perfect finale for their season, but we can’t wait to see what comes next for these amazing little lions.

The Roys kittens, Lil Foster Babes, Succession

us. Since our last update in June, the Roys have transformed into handsome and playful baby lion cubs. With each passing day, they are growing up fast! In July, we saw Kendall and Roman who had formed a close bond and were hoping to be adopted together. Watching them play and interact with each other is nothing short of a pure delight. They bring so much joy and entertainment to our lives, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll get up to next.”


According to Chiu, these kittens are not only adorable but also very affectionate. They enjoy being held, cuddled, and petted, and they love getting belly rubs. Overall, they are the sweetest and most affectionate kittens you will ever come across.

Kendall and Roman in a cat bed, The Roys, Succession

Kendall and Roman were thrilled with their equally adorable foster child, Connor. He never failed to bring a smile to their faces with his playful antics. Chiu, the foster agency representative, couldn’t agree more. She praised Connor’s ability to make people laugh and his endearing cuddliness, ensuring he would be the perfect furry companion for anyone.

Connor the kitten looking silly in a cat bed

Connor, the playful kitten, had a friend named Shiv who transformed into a stunning social butterfly. Shiv loved all the attention and being in the spotlight. She was an adorable feline who craved companionship with a human bestie and would eagerly greet them in the morning with purrs and plenty of kisses.



Shiv the kitten looking up

The Roys, feeling mischievous, decided to play a game of hide-and-seek from their owner. It was like a season finale of the Succession Kittens. Finally, in September, Connor, one of the Roys, was adopted by a loving family and quickly bonded with his new feline friend. Upon arriving at his forever home, Connor immediately showed his affectionate and easy-going personality by lying down in his carrier, relaxed and trusting. In no time, he became a loving and snuggly member of his new family.



The Roys, kitten named Connor goes home to new human family

Connor, a shelter kitten who once struggled to find comfort, is now living his best life by indulging in comfortable and luxurious things. He no longer has to worry about the harsh conditions of the shelter as he is now warm and cozy.

Connor the kitten by the fire

After a few days, Kendall and Roman, who now looked very mature, finally settled down in their new abode. They affectionately named their new home Hamilton (Kendall) and Huckleberry (Roman).


The pets are being pampered and adored in their current abode. Their owners indulge them by regularly baking biscuits for them.


They continue to have a strong attachment to their beloved blanket and stuffed monkey, emitting loud and contented purring sounds, and derive great joy from drinking water directly from the faucet.


I absolutely adore cuddling with my parents and find it the best thing ever!



Kendall and Roman in their forever home on a comfy chair

I have a deep affection for these two young lads who occupy a special corner in my heart. Their current state of bliss with their ideal family brings me immense joy and contentment. It’s a privilege to witness their joyful existence.

Kendall and Roman forever home, The Roys, Succession, Lil Foster Babes

These two siblings, just like their brother Connor, no longer have any concerns.

Kendall and Roman on a colorful blanket

Finally, Shiv has found her permanent home with Dolly Pawton, who was also a foster kitten from Baby Kitten Rescue. The adoptive family felt strongly about providing the best care for their feline family and therefore decided to adopt Kale, now known as Dolly Pawton, along with Shiv.


The idea was to ensure that they were always there for one another.


These two fortunate young ladies are blessed with parents who adore them, lavish them with love and affection. It only took 24 hours for them to form a strong bond and the outcome couldn’t be better than this.

Shiv and Dolly Pawton at home, kittens sleeping on a chair, Lil Foster Babe, Los Angeles

Lil Foster Babes uploaded an adorable clip showcasing the Roy’s expedition during their time in foster care, depicting their progress and growth.


Hey everyone, can you believe that the iPhone captured an emotional video of the Succession babies on Foster Dad’s phone this summer? I’m so moved by it and couldn’t help shedding a few tears.





Kendall, Roman, Connor, and Shiv have been with me since they were only two days old. These adorable kitties were extremely affectionate, always wanting to snuggle up and be close to their human companion. They were also very adventurous, as long as they had their trusted human by their side. I am thrilled to say that they have found forever homes where they are loved and adored. It brings me immense joy and pride to see them thriving as loyal companions to their new families.






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