From Abandoned to Adored: How a Resilient Kitten Overcame the Odds and Found Love with Her Feline Family

After being abandoned on a doorstep at birth, a spunky little kitten defied the odds and made a miraculous recovery. Today, she’s living the good life with a whole crew of adoring feline friends to keep her company all day long.

kitten snuggling cat

There was a little stray cat who found herself on the stoop of a house in Queens, NY and gave birth to two kittens. Unfortunately, rain started to pour down after the first two were born, and she decided to move away, leaving one of her babies behind. The people who found the abandoned kitten waited for the mother to come back, but she never did. They sought help from Little Wanderers NYC, and volunteers responded quickly to the situation. The kitten was not in good shape when they found her – she was cold, wet, premature in weight, development and features. It was uncertain whether she would survive, but with patience and care, the kitten proved to be a fighter and surprised everyone involved in her rescue.

orphan preemie kitten

Little Wanderers NYC is an organization that rescues and provides care to abandoned animals. One of their foster volunteers, Ashley, recently took in a tiny neonate that weighed a mere 2.5 ounces (71 grams). Due to the animal’s fragile state, Ashley had to warm her before feeding her. Despite initial doubts about her survival, the neonate pulled through and is doing well under Ashley’s care.

tiny kitten newborn

Little Wanderers NYC organization had Ashley working around the clock, providing hourly feedings and supportive care to save the precious kitten. Ashley barely slept over the next few days, putting in all her effort to ensure the survival of the tiny creature. The underdeveloped digestive tract of the kitten resulted in a visit to the ER, but with Ashley’s hard work and dedication, the palm-sized wonder made a complete recovery and bounced back with renewed appetite.

kitten feeding bottle

Little Wanderers NYC shared a heartwarming story about a kitten named Chihiro who was rescued and given a second chance at life. Despite her rough start, the team at Little Wanderers NYC could sense Chihiro’s strong will to live. With each passing week, she grew bigger and stronger and even caught up to full term size by the end of week two. Chihiro would eagerly devour her meals and then curl up in her cozy nest for a long nap until her next feeding. It’s clear that this little kitten had a lot of fight in her, and we can’t help but root for her continued success.

sleeping kitten chihiro

As soon as Chihiro woke up and looked around, her curiosity was piqued. She was delighted to see her foster mother holding a bottle and eagerly waited to be fed. Gradually, she began showing an interest in playing, which brought a huge grin to her foster mom’s face.

kitten happy curious chihiro

At Little Wanderers NYC, Chihiro was gifted some cute furry toys by Ashley to play and bite with. As a result, she transformed into an absolutely lovable little ball of fur! After her initial playtime, the playful tabby girl was promoted to a larger playpen where she could improve her walking and jumping skills and flaunt her strength.

snuggly kitten cute

At Little Wanderers NYC, Ashley’s cats, Laserboy and Biscuit, quickly became fond of the new kitten and eagerly offered their assistance. The tuxedo cat, Laserboy, took on the role of babysitter for the little one, offering her baths and lessons on how to play while she was in the playpen. Even Biscuit, the tabby who typically isn’t welcoming to newcomers, realized that the kitten needed his help and has been lavishing her with love and snuggles ever since.

cat hugs kitten

The team at Little Wanderers NYC made it their mission to find Chihiro’s mom and siblings and provide them with a safe and loving home. After much persistence, they were successful in getting the entire family off the streets and into foster care. Since being rescued, Chihiro has blossomed into a lively and mischievous little one who enjoys running around and keeping the resident cats on their toes. Her transformation has been truly remarkable.

kitten snuggling cat

Chihiro and Biscuit are two of the cutest and most playful cats at Little Wanderers NYC. Chihiro is known for her bravery and vivaciousness – she’s always up for a game and moves lightning-fast when she plays. But when she finally tires out, she becomes the perfect cuddle buddy for her feline friends, who love her just as much as we do.
According to Ashley, one of Little Wanderers’ staff members, Chihiro has become even more energetic as she’s grown older. She loves to pounce and stalk her toys and playmates, including much larger cats, but she’s also incredibly gentle and affectionate. It’s impossible not to fall in love with this little ball of energy!

kitten paws playful

Little Wanderers NYC is a place that fills me with wonder every day as I watch my tiny preemie kitten, who was once only 2.5 ounces and barely the size of a toy mouse, now grow into a full-grown cat. Though it wasn’t easy taking care of her during those sleepless nights, it was all worth it to see her thrive and become the loving feline she is today.

cute kitten lap cat

Spread the word about Little Wanderers NYC to your buddies! You can find out more about Chihiro and this organization by checking out their Instagram account, which goes by @littlewanderersnyc, or their Facebook page. And if you’re interested in fostering cats, be sure to follow Ashley’s fosters at @otowncats.

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