From Neglect to Triumph: The Story of a Rescued Pit Bull’s Second Chance at Life

When the kind-hearted staff at Berclair Animal Hospital rescued Penny the Pit Bull, they didn’t realize that they were actually saving two lives. The poor pooch had been cruelly thrown from a moving vehicle and was in a terrible state when she was found. She was severely underweight, had injuries all over her face, and was suffering from heart failure due to heartworms. It seemed likely that Penny had been used for dog fighting. But thankfully, her rescuers were able to give her the care and attention she needed to start on the road to recovery.

After receiving a call from vets, Donna Velez, the Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue founder in Memphis, was asked to aid in the rescue of a dog named Penny. Despite having her own health issues, Donna requested to see some photos of the distressed animal. Upon seeing the pictures, she urged the vets to alleviate Penny’s pain immediately. Even if she couldn’t house Penny at her own rescue, Donna made it her mission to find a solution to help the suffering pup.

Not long after, Donna made her way to the clinic to personally see how Penny was doing. As soon as she laid eyes on the emaciated and injured dog, she knew deep down she couldn’t leave her behind. “I just couldn’t resist her,” Donna confessed to DogHeirs, adding, “Whenever I see animals in need, I’m always drawn to them.”
Determined to find Penny a loving home, Donna spread the word about her through her network. Fortunately, a family based in St. Louis came across Penny’s picture and immediately expressed their interest in adopting her. With two Pit Bulls of their own and a wealth of experience caring for dogs, the family seemed like the perfect fit for Penny.

Jennifer shared an update about their new furry friend, Penny, on her Facebook page. Although Penny has been with them for only ten days, she has already shown improvement despite her lack of familiarity with their lifestyle due to past mistreatment. Penny’s health has also improved significantly after receiving treatment for her advanced heartworm. She is now enjoying her new life, especially her huge appetite, which is a good sign since she initially refused to eat. However, she still fears Jennifer’s two boys, but Jennifer is working on socializing them carefully. Penny loves going on walks but needs to avoid overexertion due to her health condition. Jennifer sees this transition as a significant adjustment that eventually falls into place, much like having a new baby.

An unexpected development emerged in Penny’s recuperation as she recently gave birth to a puppy named Nickel. The newborn is surprisingly healthy despite the challenges and medications Penny went through. Currently, Penny is nursing her offspring until Nickel can be weaned and placed with a foster family from Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue. There’s already an interested party in adopting little Nickel, as Donna revealed to DogHeirs.

The new family of Penny expresses their gratitude towards rescuing her from a life of abandonment. They acknowledge their role in saving two lives – Penny’s and their own. For more information on other dogs available for adoption, visit the Hearts of Gold Pit Rescue website. Unfortunately, Jennifer, the mother of Penny and Nickel, shared the heartbreaking news that Penny has passed away due to congestive heart failure caused by severe heartworms. Despite their loss, Nickel will remain with Jennifer and her family.

On Penny‚Äôs Facebook page, Jennifer expressed how much she misses her beloved dog despite the fact that Penny caused a lot of destruction in her home. Despite these misdeeds, Jennifer never punished Penny and even made a promise to herself the day she saw Penny’s story on her Facebook newsfeed. She wanted to give Penny a life filled with love, just like her boys, and spoil her for years to come. Sadly, Jennifer is now shedding tears as she remembers all the good times they had together. Penny was a very calm and cuddly dog who always looked after her puppies, especially Nickel. Although she is gone, Jennifer is grateful that Nickel is now part of her life, receiving all the love and attention she deserves.