From Strays to Safe Haven: A Heartwarming Tale of Two Newborn Kittens Found and Fostered

Exciting news! A pair of adorable foster kittens have come into my care. I stumbled upon these precious little ones yesterday morning outside my workplace, and after waiting hours for their mother to return, I decided to take them in and bottle-feed them myself. The female kitten has a darker coat and weighs just 87 grams, while her male counterpart is lighter in color and tips the scales at 102 grams!


Initially, the kittens struggled to latch on during their initial feedings. However, they quickly adapted and now consume 2-4ml of formula every 1.5 hours. To our surprise, they even pull the syringe by themselves! Allow us to introduce you to Yin and Yang – two adorable kittens with contrasting fur colors. While Yin boasts a darker coat, Yang has a lighter one. It’s fascinating to see that when they cuddle up together, they resemble the Yin Yang symbol, with Yang’s black belly spot.



Last night, Yang opened his eyes, and Yin’s eyes are now fully open too. However, they have been experiencing severe diarrhea for the past two days, which has caused them to get a butt bath and blanket change at every feeding. To address this issue, we’ll be starting them on medication for coccidia today.


Yang’s eyes opened wide as he observed that the #yinyangkittens have been showing signs of improvement following their medication. However, yesterday they began to reject the bottle and lose weight, causing concern. Yin needed subcutaneous fluids to combat dehydration that resulted from diarrhea, and a little NutriCal since she wasn’t eating as much as Yang. Fortunately, by this afternoon, both kittens have shown significant improvement in their appetite and have started to regain the weight they had lost.


The #YinYangKittens are showing signs of improvement! Although they are still struggling with severe diarrhea, they have started regaining their appetite and putting on weight once more.


Wow, Yin has gained some weight and is now up to 160 grams! But it looks like Yang has surpassed Yin in size by a good amount, weighing in at 230 grams. It’s amazing to see how much they have grown.


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