Golden Retriever Tries His Best To Get His Mom’s Chips On The Train

A golden retriever is going viral for his hilarious attempts at stealing his mom’s chips on the train.

The dog, Huxley, was riding on the train in front of his mom, Ursula Aitchison.

Ursula shared a photo series of the pup trying to steal her chips, or crisps, and people can’t get over how funny it is.


In the photos, you can see Huxley sitting in front of his mom on the train, separated by a row of chairs. Ursula has Walker’s brand prawn cocktail-flavored chips out and the dog desperately wants a bite.

Unfortunately, he’s a bit too far away to snag a chip, despite his best attempts. Huxley tries to squeeze his head through the crack between the chairs to reach the chips, but that doesn’t work. He tries a paw to no avail.


Eventually, he bares his teeth and gives it his all – still with no luck.

The photo series was shared originally back in March of 2022 and it was well-received, gaining over 10,000 likes!

The photo series is one again going viral on TikTok after it was posted with the caption, “A story about crisps in 4 parts.”


The photos were shared far and wide, even capturing the attention of a Walker’s crisps ambassador and former professional footballer, Gary Lineker!

Lineker re-shared the post to his 8.5 million followers:

Thousands of people commented on the posts of little Huxley and his attempt to get some snacks.

Many people said they’d be giving the pup the whole back of crisps, like Cat Hollow who wrote, “I would’ve let him have them all.”

Others compared the dog to Jack in The Shining:


One thing is for sure: People love Huxley and his hilarious antics!

He’s currently a star on Ursula’s Instagram, which has over 287,000 followers! You can see more of Huxley, his brother Hugo, and their owner Ursula on Instagram, @hugoandursula.

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