Heartwarming Story: Cop Saves Freezing Kitten Trapped in Snow and Adopts Him as His Own

On a snowy night, a black cat found itself in trouble until it met Officer Matt Frosein from the Platteville Police Department in Wisconsin. The officer heard the cat’s loud meowing and followed the sound to find the kitten stuck in a ditch covered in three feet of snow. With the help of the light from the full moon, he rescued the cat and brought it to the station where it snuggled with him for warmth. The Platteville Police Department posted pictures of Officer Frosein and the cat hoping someone would claim it but the cat had no plans of leaving the officer’s side. The officer finally named him Donut and made him a part of his family.
After saving the little feline, the officer decided to take it along with him to the station. The appreciative cat wasted no time in getting comfortable and snuggled up to Officer Froseith, refusing to leave his side throughout the night.
The Platteville Police Department shared pictures of Officer Froseith and a cute cat, hoping to reunite the feline with its rightful owner. They also informed the public that the cat would be taken to the Platteville Vet Clinic once it was done napping with its new buddy. So, if you’re missing a lucky cat, be sure to get in touch with the police department or the vet clinic soon!
Despite the numerous options available to him, the feline expressed a strong desire to remain by Officer Froseith’s side. The officer eventually succumbed to the cat’s irresistible charm and decided to take him in as his own.
Officer Froseith has welcomed a new furry friend into his family, a cat named Donut. Despite being used to outdoor life, Donut is adapting well to indoor living and loves nothing more than getting lots of snuggles from his new family.
The Platteville Police Department shared an exciting update on Donut’s adoption journey, revealing that the adorable pup is settling in well with his new family. According to the post, Donut has found his forever home with the person he loves the most.

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