“Heroic Act: Good Samaritan Saves Freezing Kittens with a Cup of Hot Java”

One thing that’s not up for debate is the fact that coffee is a lifesaver when it comes to waking up after a rough night’s sleep. But now, it turns out that our beloved beverage is also playing an unexpected role in saving kittens. Recently, a Canadian oil worker named Kendall Diwisch found himself faced with a difficult situation when he stumbled upon three tiny cats trapped in heavy snow. Without hesitation, he sprang into action to rescue them from their precarious position.
The situation is dire for the trio of kittens who are currently immobilized and exposed to freezing temperatures. To prevent any further harm, a swift rescue operation was necessary. Kendall acted promptly and utilized the only source of warmth he had at that moment- a “coffee pot”.
In a moment of fast thinking, Kendall decided to pour the hot beverage over the ice. To his amazement, the adorable felines eagerly lapped it up. As the coffee wasn’t scorching hot, the ice didn’t entirely dissolve but instead softened, enabling Kendall to rescue the kittens with ease, avoiding any injuries.
Kendall discovered three kittens stranded on a back road near one of his wells. It appeared that the poor creatures had been abandoned as they were frozen into ice and forced to spend the night there. Kendall took them to his home, fed and warmed them up, and even dewormed them. Hoping to find them new homes, he shared their story on Facebook. He urged his friends to spread the word and let him know if anyone was interested in adopting the friendly and healthy felines.
The trio appeared to be males and were administered deworming medication. It was shared that the newest update on their status is that they are happily residing together in their new abode. The caretaker excitedly shared, “I am thrilled to report that the three playful little ones have settled into their new home. They are thriving and enjoying each other’s company!”
It’s not surprising that the siblings didn’t stay away for long after Kendall’s first post went viral and generated a lot of interest from potential adopters. The animal shelter, Cause for Creatures, later announced that the kittens found a new home with a family in the same area of Drayton Valley.

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