Kind Woman Saves This Starving Ginger Cat From Being Euthanized And Completely Transforms His Life

Kind Woman Saves This Starving Ginger Cat From Being Euthanized And Completely Transforms His Life

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While most senior stray cats struggle with outdoor life, this orange Bronx kitty turned out to be very lucky.

This senior ginger cat was found in a park in the Bronx, New York, nearly starved to death. Thanks to kind-hearted humans who found him, the cat was immediately taken to a shelter, but his destiny wasn’t bright at all.

Due to the poor cat’s condition, he was instantly put on the list for euthanasia. Fortunately, a woman named Hannah found an alert from the NYC animal care center about that ginger cat.

senior catCredit: jj_swattington

She couldn’t let that happen, so she stepped in and changed the cat’s destiny. Hannah immediately contacted the shelter to prevent them from euthanizing the ginger feline.

Around that time, Hannah and her boyfriend Danny wanted to adopt a senior cat and give it the chance to live its golden years as it deserves.

So, once she found out about this poor ginger boy, she immediately knew he was the one they were looking for.

starved cat vs normal catCredit: jj_swattington

After they arrived at the shelter, they saw a skinny ginger cat in desperate need of not only help but also love. The cat had no more than 7 pounds, but that didn’t discourage his new parents from adopting him. Danny said:

“He was found as a stray in a NYC park. Even in his emaciated state, he was quite friendly and open to human contact.”

The couple welcomed the cat into their family with open arms and named him JJ Swattington. They provided JJ with everything he ever needed, and just like that, step by step, they nursed him back to life.

happy catCredit: jj_swattington

After only six months of living in his new home with his forever parents, JJ completely transformed into a cuddle bug and nearly doubled in weight. His parents said:

“JJ was all skin and bones. He was 7 pounds when he was found, and now he’s up to about 13 pounds, but his appetite still knows no bounds.”

cat sleeps in her bedCredit: jj_swattington

Danny added:

“The shelter that found him estimated his age at 10, but as he gets healthier, he seems younger and more spry! Our best guess is that he’s in the 6-8 range.”

cat relaxing on boxesCredit: jj_swattington

From a starving kitty, JJ became a lovely kitty who adores cuddles. With each passing day, he kept transforming into a more energetic and healthier feline, ready to embrace his new life.

ginger cat in human handsCredit: jj_swattington

He became a happy and playful kitty with an outgoing purrsonality. Danny said:

“He loooves to swat at things, rubbing on catnip, going up and down the stairs, and of course above all eating copious amounts of wet food and taking lots of catnaps!”

cat enjoying the man's tummyCredit: jj_swattington

Not only did Hannah and Danny help JJ and nurse him back to life, but also this lovely ginger feline helped his new human parents by bringing lots of joy into their lives!

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