Living Life to the Fullest: Kazou the Cat’s Inspiring Journey Despite Visual Impairment

The story of Kazou presents an inspiring example that one can make the most out of life, no matter what challenges they face. Kazou was discovered as a tiny kitten of just eight weeks old, and at that time, his eyes were already in a dire state. Despite the efforts of his foster mother to rescue one eye, it resulted in failure, and eventually, both eyes were damaged beyond repair, and one had to be removed.

In 2014, Sabine Fallend, a talented pet photographer, had the pleasure of meeting Kazou at his foster home. This introduction was made possible through her friendship with Kazou’s foster mother.

Fallend expressed initial concern about the individual’s handicap, but upon meeting them, all apprehension dissipated. As a result, Fallend and their spouse chose to adopt the individual.

Fallend was told by his foster mom that the cat was exceptionally composed, but after his operation, he became quite the opposite. Despite his previous behavior, this feline acts like any other now. It’s astounding to see how capable and adaptable he is!

Describing a charming personality, he exudes sassiness, fearlessness, and curiosity, while also sharing similar interests with his siblings who are keen observers of their surroundings. His favorite pastimes include chasing bumblebees and taking advantage of the sun while lounging in his personal garden. Appreciating the world through a unique lens is always a positive trait, especially when it comes from the heart.

Fallend expressed that removing his eyes was like a form of liberation for him. He no longer felt any pain and began to flourish.

Kazou was probably born with poor eyesight, so there wasn’t much of a difference for him when he received pain relief. He heavily depends on his sense of smell and hearing to navigate his surroundings. His anxiety is triggered by loud or unfamiliar sounds since it hinders his ability to move around. It’s easy to recognize when he’s stressed because he struggles with navigation.

Kazou is an avid climber who navigates his way down by touching objects with his front paw. Let’s take a closer look at how Kazou is enjoying his life to the fullest.

Kazou, even with his disability, has a positive outlook on life. He exudes confidence and while he may be a bit stubborn and sassy, he also possesses a gentle and charming demeanor. Kazou is clear on his desires and doesn’t hesitate to pursue them.

Kazou, the adorable pup has learned a plethora of tricks from his trainer, Sabine Fallend. Some of the tricks that he has mastered include giving high fives, spinning in circles, playing dead, rolling over, and standing tall with pride. Kazou loves training and eagerly looks forward to it. It could be because he gets rewarded with some delicious treats for performing well. With more than 20 tricks up his sleeve, Kazou is definitely one smart pooch!

Kazou now has his own Facebook page where he showcases his remarkable abilities. With the support of his devoted family, they aspire to motivate other animals with disabilities to find love and hope.

Fallend expressed that Kazou serves as an inspiration not just for him, but for many other individuals. Kazou’s influence has greatly impacted Fallend’s perspective in life. This is the main reason why he decided to create a page dedicated to Kazou and continues to talk about him.

Having a clear mission, he has taken up the role of an advocate for animals who require extra care and attention. Through his efforts, he has demonstrated to society the remarkable nature of these animals and the tremendous affection they can offer in return.

Every animal with special needs, such as Kazou, should have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

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