Living Life to the Fullest: The Inspiring Story of Kazou, a Visually Impaired Cat Who Embraces Every Moment

Kazou is a true testament that one can live life to the fullest, no matter the challenges. This little kitten was discovered at just 8 weeks old with severe eye damage, having already lost one eye. Despite the efforts of his foster mother to save the remaining eye, it sadly had to be removed.

In 2014, Sabine Fallend, who specializes in pet photography, had the pleasure of meeting Kazou for the first time. Kazou was living in a foster home at the time, and his foster mom happened to be a close friend of Fallend’s.

Fallend expressed initial worry about the handicap of the individual in question. However, after meeting him, any concerns were alleviated and ultimately, Fallend and her husband decided to move forward with adoption.

Fallend was told by his foster mom that the cat he was about to adopt had a very tranquil personality. However, after undergoing surgery, the cat turned out to be as active and vocal as any other feline. Despite this change in behavior, Fallend still found the cat to be an adorable and capable creature.

This furry little guy is one-of-a-kind – he’s got sass, fearlessness, and a curious streak a mile wide. Not to mention he shares the same hobbies as his siblings, who always seem to be observing and taking in everything around them. This little guy loves nothing more than chasing bumblebees and soaking up some rays while lounging in his very own garden. When you view the world through a different lens, it can only bring positivity and joy – especially when you’re seeing it with your heart.

It is assumed that Kazou had poor eyesight since birth, hence he felt no noticeable difference when he underwent pain relief. To navigate around, he primarily depends on his sense of smell and hearing. Unexpected or loud sounds can cause him stress, which affects his ability to move around with ease. It is easy to spot when he is feeling stressed as he might show difficulty in finding his way.

Kazou is a natural climber and can easily navigate his way down by simply using his front paw as a guide. But what does Kazou’s best life look like?

Kazou, despite facing a disability, has a positive outlook towards life. He exudes confidence and possesses a strong will. While he can be obstinate and cheeky at times, he also displays a soft and endearing side. Kazou has a clear sense of his desires and aspirations.

Kazou has learned a number of tricks from Sabine Fallend. He can do high fives, spin around in circles, play dead, roll over, and stand up tall and proud. With over 20 tricks under his belt, Kazou enjoys training, probably due to the awesome treats he receives for his excellent performance!

Kazou, along with his affectionate family, has taken the initiative to create a Facebook page showcasing his abilities despite his disabilities. They aim to inspire other animals in search of love who may also be facing similar challenges.

Fallend expressed that Kazou is a source of inspiration for numerous individuals, including herself. Kazou has had a positive impact on her life and mindset, prompting her to create a dedicated page and continually reference him.

Having a clear goal in his mind, he has taken on the role of an advocate for animals that require special attention. He has effectively demonstrated to society the incredible qualities these animals possess and their capacity to reciprocate love.

Every special needs animal, such as Kazou deserves the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest.

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