“Maine Coon Craze: How this Feline Sensation Conquered Social Media”

The internet is filled with content about cats, but it’s never enough. Unique-looking cats are even more likely to become viral sensations. One such cat is Richie, a black smoke Maine coon with an impressive 100K followers on Instagram.

Richie is a unique and charming feline known for his striking appearance. With a black smoke coat, his fur is luscious and dark on his head and legs while his body features a shaggy, sheep-like coat of lighter grey. His unusual color combination has earned him fame on Instagram, where he’s often compared to a lemur or a yeti. What sets Richie apart is the extra fur coat he seems to be wearing over his own, making him truly exceptional. His owners had two stray cats for 20 years that they loved dearly. After their passing, they took their time before welcoming a new cat into their home, and Richie has been a beloved member of the family ever since.

The latest addition to their family was an adorable black smoke Main Coon kitten, which they didn’t expect would turn out to be extraordinary. This cute feline was born in November 2020 and quickly became famous on social media after its owner shared pictures and videos. Feast your eyes on the majestic Richie, as shown in the pictures below.

Richie is a true lover of both cats and dogs, a distinguishing characteristic of Maine Coons.

Richie’s character is described as being friendly and inquisitive. He takes pleasure in playing with his feline companions and thrives on human interaction, often trailing his owners around the house. Richie’s nature is typical of Maine coons, and he has a unique quality of being cat-like yet having similarities to a dog. The nickname “sous-chef” was given to him as he likes to hang around the kitchen while his owners cook, scrutinizing their every move from the spice rack.

Richie requires a daily morning regimen that includes thorough brushing to prevent tangles from forming in his very long coat. As Richie’s Instagram following grows, he is becoming a bona fide cat influencer. “We collaborate with a few brands that Richie has tried and approved. It’s always a delight to introduce our followers to innovative cat toys and accessories. We are cautious about suggesting products only after Richie has given them his seal of approval.”

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