Man Rescues One-Eyed Kitten on the Brink of Death from the Streets and Goes Above and Beyond to Nurse Her Back to Health

Let’s share some heartwarming news that will fill you with joy and optimism. Allow us to introduce you to our hero, Mr. Avahit, and the adorable kitten, Godot, whose life he saved.


On a Friday, December 15th, Mr. Avahit stumbled upon a poor and weak kitten on his way. The tiny feline had only one eye left, and it seemed like it was on its last breath. Without hesitation, Avahit brought the kitten to a vet for immediate medical attention. It’s a good thing he acted fast because that decision led to Godot’s salvation and better life.


There was a belief that either the droopy eye should heal on its own or be operated on. However, after administering some medication, the little feline was sent off to her fresh abode.


According to the vet, Godot’s eye was at risk of swelling up like a ping-pong ball and potentially causing brain damage if left untreated. It was crucial for her to receive immediate attention and specialized care. The owner and I anxiously awaited news about her surgery outcome.


We were delighted to put together the presents we sent over to Mr. Avahit. Upon receiving the shipment, he expressed his gratitude to us by saying, “It warms my heart to know that you have us in your thoughts. Your gesture has made me so happy.”


We were all filled with immense happiness, especially Avahit Bey, who became a hero by saving an animal’s life. It was a miraculous moment when Godot survived the surgery and continued to live on. You can learn more about this heartwarming story in the Animal On World section.

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