“Meet Stevie: The Fearless and Blind Cat Who Conquers Hikes with Love”

Sunshine, a tabby kitten, arrived at Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco, California last month. She was hoping for a brighter future, and she quickly became an affectionate addition to the rescue center. Sunshine was a constant companion to her foster family, following them around the house and seeking out laps to snuggle on. She never wanted to be alone and was delighted to have found a loving home.

They acquainted her with their in-house feline companions, but felt that she required a pal who was closer to her age. After a few weeks, they received information regarding another kitten who was in dire need of being saved.

A three-week-old kitten with ginger fur was discovered with tail injuries, but thankfully, Amber Rose from Saving Grace Rescue came to the rescue and took the kitten under her care. Despite the injuries, the kitten was full of energy and had a lot to say. After receiving treatment, the team found a wonderful foster home for the kitten with Joyce, who was already providing love and care for another kitten named Sunshine.

The woman started feeding the little cat constantly and in no time, he grew strong and gained weight. His injuries were healing well and he even began to move around and explore his surroundings. They named him Cheddar because he was quite a talkative fellow, always expressing himself loudly. He would meow persistently until someone picked him up and snuggled with him. To keep him company when he wasn’t being fed, they provided him with a fake mother cat.

Sunshine rushed to the source of the squeaks as soon as she heard them, curious about the new kitten. She was determined to make friends with him and immediately began playing with him upon meeting him, according to Joyce who shared the story with Love Meow.

As Cheddar was trying to get the hang of walking, Sunshine approached him and playfully tapped his head. The young ginger cat was delighted to have a companion to play with. It didn’t take long for the two felines to become inseparable. They cuddled together as if they had always been close friends.

Sunshine is now acting as an older sister to the little one, teaching him how to have fun like a kitten. As both of them are the only ones in their family, they seem to relish each other’s presence and enjoy playing, sleeping and eating from each other’s bowls. This information was shared by Joyce with Love Meow.

Although smaller in size, Cheddar proves to be a tough contender during playtime with bigger kittens. Once exhausted, they snuggle up next to each other and peacefully drift off to sleep. As Cheddar grows, he is attentively observing his big sister and learning to eat from a dish like a pro. Under the loving care of their foster parents, the two kittens are thriving beautifully.

According to Amber, both Sunshine and her adopted little brother came from the same shelter but arrived there two weeks apart. Despite this difference, they were both incredibly affectionate from the very beginning. It’s clear that Sunshine has a special fondness for her younger sibling.

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