“Meet the Adorable Feline with Dwarfism – Forever a Tiny Kitten!”

Newborns, furry pups, and playful kittens are just some of the most adorable creatures on earth. We often can’t help but wish they’d stay small just a little bit longer. Meet Munchie, a seven-month-old kitty who will melt your heart. Despite his age, he still looks like a little kitten and weighs less than 2 kg. How is this possible, you ask? Munchie has a rare condition called hypoparathyroidism that will keep him “kitten-sized” for the rest of his life. He’s a perma-kitten!
When Munchie was just three weeks old, he was saved by his loving mom Emily Tomlinson. This adorable little kitten had been left alone and helpless before being taken in by the Wolverhampton veterinary practice. Fortunately, Tomlinson worked at the practice and was able to adopt Munchie into her loving home.


Tomlinson speculates that Munchie’s former owner left him behind due to his hazy eyes.
Although his blurry vision doesn’t seem to be an issue, Munchie’s hypoparathyroidism has caused him to experience a frightening health scare. Tomlinson shared with LADbible that during Christmas, Munchie collapsed and required IV fluids for a period of four days.
Thankfully, Munchie made a full recovery after his collapse. The incident brought attention to the underlying issue of his hypoparathyroidism, and he is now receiving the necessary supplements including vitamin D and calcium.
According to Tomlinson, it is likely that Munchie’s lifespan will be similar to that of a healthy cat. However, due to the rarity of hypoparathyroidism, it is challenging to make a definitive statement about this matter.
Tomlinson mentioned that there’s only been one other cat found with hypoparathyroidism, hence they don’t have much knowledge about how the condition will evolve in the near future.
At present, all they can do is hold on to optimism. Fortunately, Munchie can take comfort in the fact that his mother is fully committed to ensuring his well-being and contentment, as evidenced by her willingness to spend approximately £2,500 on his emergency treatment on Boxing Day.
It’s quite obvious that Munchie has captured the hearts of many, and we can’t help but feel ecstatic for Tomlinson, knowing that she will give him a blissful life. Despite his size, this little feline is full of energy and loves to snuggle – he’s definitely a charmer with an enormous personality. Tomlinson cherishes every moment she gets to spend with her furry companion and understands how fortunate she is to have him in her life. It’s crystal clear that Munchie is meant to be with Tomlinson, and we can’t think of a better match!

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