“Meet the Feline Wonder: A Tiny Kitten-Sized Cat with Rare Dwarfism”

Munchie, a 7-month-old feline, is smaller than most kittens due to his uncommon medical condition known as hypoparathyroidism. He weighs around 1.7 kg and is expected to remain the same size for the rest of his life. Interestingly, Munchie is one of only two cats diagnosed with this condition worldwide. Despite his unique condition, Munchie never fails to bring joy to his owner’s face simply because he’s unbelievably cute!

In September 2019, Munchie found himself at a veterinary clinic in Wolverhampton where his current owner, Emily Tomlinson, works. The vets suspected that he had been abandoned when he was just three or four weeks old due to his cloudy eyes caused by bilateral corneal edema. However, this condition doesn’t hinder his daily life or vision in any way, and Emily believes that it’s nothing different than any other cat.

After discovering Munchie near the park, a woman brought him to the hospital. Emily took care of him for a week, but she ended up adopting him because no one came forward to claim the kitten. Things were going smoothly until Boxing Day, when Munchie had a sudden collapse. Emily immediately rushed him to the emergency vets, where they conducted ultrasounds, x-rays, blood tests, and intravenous fluid therapy. Surprisingly, Munchie’s calcium level was found to be 0.52, a result that was so unbelievable that they ran the test again, but it confirmed the same low level. Munchie was given calcium through an IV and spent four nights in the veterinary clinic to stabilize his condition. Hypoparathyroidism was not initially considered as a diagnosis since it was rare for kittens. However, after conducting other blood tests, it was confirmed that Munchie indeed has hypoparathyroidism, which requires him to have lifelong calcium and vitamin D treatment. Emily vividly recalls how they found out about Munchie’s condition.

Emily is optimistic about the health of the miniature cat despite the potential impact it may have on its future. Although there isn’t much information available due to its rarity, she is hopeful that the cat will live a normal lifespan. Despite having to supplement its diet with calcium and Vitamin D to maintain stability, the kitten is able to climb but not jump. It currently weighs only 1.7kg. However, there are days when the kitten is less energetic and playful than usual.

When he’s at home, he enjoys spending his time doing whatever he wants. However, when he craves attention, he’ll seek out Emily for some love and affection. Munchie loves snuggles, sleeping on his owner, and rubbing his face against her constantly. According to Emily, Munchie has a mischievous personality that she finds endearing. The first time she laid eyes on the tiny feline, she couldn’t resist giving him a big hug and since then, she’s been completely smitten with him.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have Munchie as my furry companion. His playful and mischievous personality makes me smile every day, and he can’t get enough of snuggles and attention. Watching him play with his kitten toys is a joy to behold – he has so much energy! What’s more, Munchie is an absolute sweetie, and I couldn’t imagine life without him.

Of course, Munchie isn’t the only animal in my household. I also share my home with a horse, a Romanian rescue dog, and two other cats. When I brought Munchie into our family, I was worried about how everyone would get along. It was interesting to see how each animal reacted to the new arrival, but over time, they all learned to coexist peacefully.

In addition, she shared that taking care of Munchie has not been a walk in the park because of his rigorous feeding schedule. Despite the challenges, the effort put into caring for him paid off as he managed to survive several close calls and is now making progress towards recovery.

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