“Meet Zappa: The Dapper Cat with a Fashionable Mustache”

Have you ever come across a cat that looks like it has a trendy mustache and thought it looked familiar? Well, if you take a moment to inspect it more closely, you might just realize that it’s none other than Zappa the Cat!

zappa 2

If you happen to be acquainted with the legendary artist Frank Zappa, who was well-known for his love for cats, then you probably figured it out right away.


Lisa Williams, the proud owner of Zappa the cat, disclosed to us that she has had another cat before who bears an uncanny resemblance to the iconic alternative rock star. Marceau, an Oriental Shorthair with a black and white coat and a distinctive mustache, was also frequently compared to Frank Zappa by those who met him. In fact, he was even affectionately referred to as “Zappa Cat”. Check out this photo of Marceau below!


It’s really sad that Marceau, who was just 3 years old, passed away due to heart failure. Lisa, who owned him, was devastated by his loss. But, soon after his demise, she stumbled upon a black and white kitten with a cute little mustache being sold by a breeder in Russia.

zappa kitten

After contacting the breeder, she was notified that the adorable little pup was not available for adoption since he was being reserved for breeding.

baby zappa

Despite facing some initial resistance, Lisa persevered and continued to plead with the owner for several weeks until she was able to convince them to allow her to adopt the cat. She chose to name him Zappa, as a tribute to her first cat, Marceau, who also bore the same name.

zappa 1

The moment Zappa entered her home and captured her heart, she couldn’t help but notice his stunning appearance.

zappa in coat

Lisa says that despite the similar mustached faces, there are noticeable differences between her two cats. Zappa has a distinct personality which differs from Marceau. Unlike Marceau, who loved being held and cuddled, Zappa does not enjoy physical contact. Moreover, Marceau was quite talkative, whereas Zappa usually keeps to himself and remains quiet.

zappa 10

However, there’s something special about him. Lisa’s cats are all lovable in their own way, but Zappa is definitely the troublemaker of the bunch. He enjoys playing games like hide-and-seek and tag with Lisa’s daughter, always waiting outside her bedroom door each morning, ready to start their playtime.

zappa 6

Zappa simply loves to go on adventures in his cat carriage or even in Lisa’s laundry basket on wheels. He gets extremely excited when he sees the basket, and he never seems to get bored of exploring all over the house.

zappa 8

Lisa is a proud owner of four lovely cats, including Zappa, who are all Oriental Shorthair breed. Let’s introduce you to Keebler, one of her other feline companions.


Thatcher, who is commonly referred to as Thatchy…


Peterbald LeMieux, often referred to as just LeMieux, is a well-known name in the world of cats.


Have a look at the Oriental Shorthair Feline’s profile. Lisa adores her cats and affectionately calls them the Oriental Shorthair Squad. She even maintains an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing their playful antics.

the squad

Zappa loves all of his companions, but he has a special affection for Thatchy. They both love to spend quality time with their loved ones, snuggling up on their laps to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

thatcher and zappa

We Love Cats and Kittens reported on Lisa’s account of her feline friend, Zappa, who has a unique fascination with stuffed animals. Zappa seems to go wild at the mere sight of them and will eagerly carry the larger ones to his kitty room for destruction. It seems that the origin of the toy is of no consequence to Zappa, as he has been known to ruin some of Lisa’s children’s beloved stuffed animals as well as dog-themed toys, which seem to be among his favorites.

zappa 5

Whoops, I almost forgot to tell you about the three charming dogs that also reside in this household! Zappa, the cat who lives there, keeps a watchful eye over his canine pals. While he gets along with them just fine, he usually opts to steer clear of their way.

cat and dog

Similar to other cats of his breed, Zappa is highly athletic. Lisa has recently bought him a running wheel, and he takes great pleasure in leaping over hurdles that her daughter constructs for him.

zappa 3