Meri Brown of Sister Wives stuns with a fresh new look in selfie, delighting fans

In her latest social media update, Sister Wives personality Meri Brown has shown a noticeable change. The 52-year-old uploaded a selfie on Instagram donning a pair of glasses.
Sister Wives star Meri Brown shows off a major change to her appearance in her latest selfie as she was wearing glasses
Meri Brown, who is known for her role in the reality show Sister Wives, has revealed a noticeable change in her looks through her recent selfie. The star can be seen sporting a pair of glasses in the picture.
The 52-year-old is no stranger to posting a glamorous selfie on social media
The article discusses a recent social media post by Meri, a 52-year-old mother of one who often posts glamorous selfies. In her latest post, Meri can be seen smiling at the camera while wearing dark-rimmed spectacles and a coral-colored hoody. In the lengthy caption, she encourages her followers to embrace opportunities presented to them by the universe and not to feel guilty or overwhelmed when faced with a challenge. She ends her post by reminding her followers that they have a gift to share with the world and that they should stop second-guessing themselves and their abilities. Meri’s post received compliments from her 837,000 followers, and some fans commented on her recent behavior in a video where she appeared to stumble on her words and slam a table causing the camera to shake.
One fan claimed that Meri was looking 'radiant' since 'dumping' her husband Kody Brown
According to a fan’s observation, Meri appears to be glowing and happy ever since she separated from her husband Kody Brown.
The reality TV star sparked concern among fans when she took part in a recent live video with her friend Jenn Sullivan
Fans became worried about the well-being of the reality TV personality after she participated in a live video with her friend Jenn Sullivan.
Meri pictured with former husband Kody and his other wives Robyn, Christine, and Janelle
The image shows Meri alongside her ex-husband Kody and his other wives, namely Robyn, Christine, and Janelle.

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