NEWEST UPDATE!! Sister Wives: Robyn Unfiltered By TLC – Enthusiasts Long For Season 19 Limelight

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown‘s scenes didn’t seem to fall on the editing room floor last season as they

did in previous seasons, and fans thanked the TLC series for this.

More disparaging words and actions from the fourth wife seemed to make it to the screen than ever

before. This left the fans a bit shocked. But, the viewers also found this refreshing. So, today, they hope the network continues with this lack of editing as they get Season 19 ready to roll out.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Unplugged

Robyn Brown doesn’t like appearing on the Sister Wives series. This was made clear by Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron during an interview.

But what rubs her the wrong way, even more so than having cameras infiltrate her life, is how they wrap up the end of a Sister Wives season. Tony said she hates having to watch herself at the end of the season and then comment on what she sees.

Until the last few seasons, the Sister Wives scenes didn’t show much friction from wife number four. Fans surmised how she felt and often what she was up to. But the cameras cut out, leaving viewers only assuming things about Kody Brown‘s youngest wife.

Fans Applaud Scenes of Robyn

One of the most talkedaout scenes that became very telling of Robyn Brown happened on Coyote Pass. Meri Brown and Kody discussed their marriage demise.

For some reason, the youngest wife from the Sister Wives brood joined them at the picnic table for this conversation. Fans immediately took to social media to say they thought this was none of her business. Kody dumped Meri in so many words, and Kody’s youngest bride broke out in hysterics.

When it became too much for Robyn, she got up and walked away. If this happened several seasons back, TLC would have likely closed the scene out at that point. But not this time. Check out the scene below.

Meri’s marriage ending but Robyn deciding to walk off with fake tears, trying to get Kody or Meri to follow her so she’s the focal point will forever be hilarious. She’s so transparent it’s literally comical. Thank you TLC for including this.

Viewers could hear Robyn sob and talk to herself. But, fans seemed to think she believed Meri or Kody would come after her as she kept walking. But they did not. So, as Meri and Kody continue their talk, she shows back up. This move was not invited by the other two.

So, the fans got to see Robyn Brown in action. According to the Sister Wives viewers, she wasn’t about to let that scene continue without her there. She needed to show everyone that she didn’t want Kody to dump Meri.

Sister Wives Fans Ask TLC For Same Editing Format

Sister Wives fans can only hope that TLC continues to reveal the real Robyn Brown in Season 19. One of the mysteries they’d like solved is what happened to her devoted best friend routine with Meri.

Fans thought that Robyn played both sides of the fence with Meri. She advocated for Kody to stay married to Meri when on camera. Sister Wives viewers also thought Robyn gave her best friend and co-wife a false sense of security about Kody.

Robyn would tell Meri that Kody mentions her, seemingly getting her hopes up. But then Kody comes back saying that the only way he can act like a husband to Meri is to “pretend,” which Meri adamantly turns down.

So, during the last season, the fans saw more of Robyn in action than in previous seasons. The camera kept rolling during scenes they usually didn’t air. And… the viewers loved it. So with their fingers crossed, the Sister Wives viewers ask the TLC series to let reality come through on the screen for Robyn Brown again in Season 19.

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