SHOCKING NEWS!! Sister Wives: Meri Brown Confesses to Dating After Recent Breakup And Teases Fans About Her Upcoming Book!

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has come a long way after her split with Kody Brown. She

has been exploring singlehood and figuring out what she wanted from her life.

The TLC star faced rejection, toxicity, and disrespect in her previous marriage. Meri does

not want to repeat her mistakes in the future. She has been extra careful about letting another man enter her life.

Previously, the reality TV star tried dating again and launched her new love interest to the world. Unfortunately, she dumped him after a tough conversation about their different dreams and aspirations.

Well, Meri has been taking each experience as a life lesson. Fortunately, she didn’t let another breakup lose her interest in relationships. She recently confirmed that she is going on dates after her recent split.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Has Returned To The Dating Game!

Meri Brown has become a completely different person in the past two years. She has been gracefully moving forward after all the ups and downs in her personal life.

The Sister Wives star parted ways with Kody and embraced singlehood. She has been focusing on her fitness and happiness since the split. Meri’s dating life has become one of the most anticipated topics among TLC fans.

Recently, she decided to answer Google’s top questions about her life in the latest video. In it, a fan asked the reality TV star about her current dating status.

Meri knew about the questions in the minds of her viewers since her recent split with Amos Andrews. Her relationship fizzled out soon after launching him on social media.

Fans were speculating that Meri might be on a break to enter the dating game again. She confirmed going on a few dates but not exclusively with a particular person. She went ahead and informed her fans that her prince charming had not arrived yet. Moreover, she explained, “No, I’m looking for a king, There’s a bit of an energetic difference there.”

The TLC star continued that a prince is only a boy while a man knows who he is. Meri told her followers that she was looking for someone who could match her energy. She wanted someone confident like her. She further added, “I want somebody who knows who he is and is confident in who he is.”

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Teases Fans About Her Upcoming Book!

Meri Brown has been answering several questions from her fans lately. She has been sharing some interesting things about her life in her recent videos. The Sister Wives star recently shared the second part of answering Google’s top questions about her life.

In it, Meri read a question from a fan asking, “What happened to Meri, The Sister Wife.” However, she was confusedaout what the users were trying to ask. She told them she got divorced and started a single life.

The TLC star admitted to not understanding the questions as she had a lot of life experiences. Moreover, she added, “Like are they asking for all the experience about my life, like that would take a book.” Meri teased her followers by winking after the statement. Several fans noticed her wink and guessed that she might be coming up with a book.

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