Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Suggests Kody “Deserves To Be Spoiled” Be Treated Like A “King” In An Older Pinterest Post

As Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family, she started sharing her husband, Kody, with his three spouses. But she eventually ended up being in a monogamous marriage with him. She used to claim in her intially days that she always wanted to be in a plural marriage, and it was kind of her dream. However, things went south within no time, and the Browns disintegrated in the last few years. First, Christine, then Janelle, and finally, Meri, all the other spouses parted ways with the polygamist. Amid all this, recently, her Pinterest quotes that she dedicated to Kody around four years back surfaced on the internet and created a frenzy!

Sister Wives: Robyn Flaunts Her Love For Kody In A Pinterest Post, Suggests He “Deserves To Be Spoiled”

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has only gained negative publicity since her debut. She became the ultimate favorite of Kody’s, which the viewers didn’t like at all. Several fans even accused her of being the core reason for his three consecutive divorces. Hence, the celeb believes in staying lowkey and prefers not to use any social media. However, a few years back, Robyn used to be active on Pinterest and often shared quotes on it. She even had a board named “For Kody.” In one of her posts, the matrairch made posts about the way she handles her husband with her 4.13K followers.

As per Robyn, husbands also deserve to be “spoiled.” She believes they must be told they are “handsome” and their efforts are “appreciated.” The quote continued by stating that if the man does his best to make his wife feel like a queen, the latter should reciprocate. Hence, one must value their husband’s feelings. Fans think this is why Robyn became Kody’s favorite, and only her marriage lasted! As the patriarch used to spend his maximum time with her, she got enough opportunities to make their bond stronger. The celeb clarified that she didn’t treat her spouse like crap.

Sister Wives: Robyn Treats Kody Like Her “Best Customer” Ever!

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown was quite shocked when Christine, Meri, and Janelle decided to part ways with Kody. During the Tell All episode of Season 17, she revealed how she dealt with Kody. Apparently, it seemed to be more like a business deal than a marriage for her. As per the celeb, others weren’t treating their husband as their “best customer.” Robyn admitted that in her marriage, she wouldn’t be calling her husband names or hitting below the belt.


Robyn believes one should consider speaking the truth instead of giving silent treatment. She tends to treat Kody as the “best customer” of her life. Therefore, the star gives the best treatment and expects the same from her husband. As per Robyn, intially, she used to feel bad that she had a great relationship with Kody while others didn’t. But now she thinks that others need to figure it out themselves and won’t apologize for it at all. Hence, it seems the celeb is following these Pinterest quotes to make her marriage work! Keep coming back to TV Season Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

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