“Spunky Kitten Takes Matters into Her Own Paws, Insists on Making Home Indoors”

One day, a little kitten appeared outside a house all by herself and was quite determined to find a way inside.

stray kitten porch door

Nuggie, the adorable cream-colored calico kitten, was found wandering around a local home without any family or companionship. She quickly took a liking to the resident’s porch, and refused to leave even when approached. Concerned for her wellbeing, the resident contacted Detroit Community Cat Rescue, who arrived within the hour to provide assistance. Nuggie seemed eager for help, even placing her paws on the railing as if asking to be let in.

tiny handheld kitten

The Detroit Community Cat Rescue took in a small kitten that was even tinier than they had anticipated. Without hesitation, they decided to adopt her and received thanks from the neighbors for their kind act. They named the kitten Nuggie due to her small size and fluffy appearance. Nuggie was then taken to Jennifer’s home, a foster volunteer of the rescue, and began a new journey in life.

fluffy little kitten

Meet Nuggie, the adorable and feisty feline who is also incredibly fluffy. She was described as sweet yet strong-willed, with a strong desire to survive and thrive. After being rescued, Nuggie quickly adapted to living indoors and embraced her new surroundings without hesitation. Finally in a safe and nurturing environment, Nuggie could finally relax and recover, never having to worry about hunger again.

kitten scratching post

In no time, Nuggie adapted well to her new life inside with the help of the Detroit Community Cat Rescue. She delightedly made use of all the amenities provided to her, such as the cat tree, scratching posts, and litter box. With her basic needs met, Nuggie was more than satisfied to be taken care of by kind-hearted humans who spoiled her with attention. Despite receiving treatment for a few health concerns, including an upper respiratory infection, Nuggie remained unbothered and took everything in her stride. The little feline was overjoyed to have loving caregivers looking after her every need.

sweet cream calico nuggie

After receiving proper medical care, Nuggie from Detroit Community Cat Rescue was overjoyed to spend time with her fellow felines and socialize with them. She has a friendly nature and easily makes friends with all the cats she meets. Though small in size, she is confident while playing with other cats. Additionally, Nuggie has a loving personality that is hard to resist.

adorable cream calico

The Detroit Community Cat Rescue encountered Rosebud, a foster cat with a tortoiseshell coat, and instantly fell in love. Nuggie, a former stray, couldn’t help but show her affection by giving Rosebud a bath in her unique style. Since then, Rosebud has transformed into a charming indoor cat and is enjoying every moment of her new life to the fullest.

calico kitten bathes tortie

Nuggie enjoys spending time with fellow cats and is captured on camera grooming Rosebud the tortoise. She is currently living with her foster buddies and savoring each moment with them until she finds a permanent home. The house is filled with lively playtime and affectionate cuddles. Nuggie will soon be available for adoption.

kitten friends

Bathing is a top priority for her, according to Detroit Community Cat Rescue. One day, Nuggie strolled up to the porch with a clear mission to better herself and succeeded in doing so.

happy sleepy kitten calico

Spread the word about Detroit Community Cat Rescue to your pals. Keep tabs on Nuggie the kitty and the rescue organization by following them on Instagram at @detroitcatrescue.

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