Survival Bonds: Adorable Kitten Siblings Look After Each Other Until Rescued

In Phoenix, Arizona, a pair of cute little kittens were discovered outside without any human companionship. Despite being alone, they managed to survive by sticking together until someone rescued them.

Melinda Blain, one of the co-founders of Bottle Baby Fosters, was recently reached out to about a pair of kittens in need of rescue. Unfortunately, their mother was nowhere to be found and they had wounds on their legs. Melinda took them in and began providing them with the necessary care they required. The female kitten, also known as a tortie girl, weighed a mere 85 grams while her brother was slightly heavier at 120 grams. To put it into perspective, the tortie girl was the same weight as an underweight newborn that was only five days old. It was a true miracle that they were able to survive for this long without their mother. These two kittens were incredibly inseparable and would cry if they were ever apart.

Melinda Blain, also known as @bottlebabyfosters on social media, recently took care of two adorable kittens named Bonsai and Buddha. Unfortunately, the little felines had some abrasions on their legs which needed immediate attention to prevent any infections. Melinda took them under her care and treated them with antibiotics. Despite their injuries, the kittens were full of love and purred the moment she picked them up. After being fed, they snuggled together and took a well-deserved nap to make up for all the lost rest. It was heartwarming to see the little ones recover and experience love and care from someone like Melinda.

Melinda Blain, who goes by the username @bottlebabyfosters, recently shared an update on Bonsai the tortie’s progress. In just a day, Bonsai managed to gain an impressive 15 grams, despite having a more severe wound on her leg. Despite the injury, Bonsai remained in good spirits thanks to the support of her brother. Melinda described her as a “great little fighter” with a loud purr. During her treatments, Bonsai proved to be quite the trooper, even enjoying belly rubs while purring away.

According to Melinda Blain, who goes by @bottlebabyfosters on social media, the two siblings she takes care of enjoy a little extra cuddle time in the morning. As a result, they tend to fall asleep during these cozy moments.

Melinda Blain, also known as @bottlebabyfosters on social media, shared that the two kittens were able to learn how to use the litter box and started exploring their surroundings together.

Melinda Blain, also known as @bottlebabyfosters on social media, recently shared that the adorable kittens under her care have started eating solid food and seem to love it. According to her post, the kitties are almost completely weaned and still enjoy snuggling with their human caretakers.

Melinda Blain, known as @bottlebabyfosters on social media, shared her experience of fostering two adorable feline siblings who are extremely affectionate and charming. According to her, Bonsai, one of the kittens, is a curious explorer, while Buddha enjoys snuggling with his sister and playing with her. Melinda’s post on Love Meow shows how these kittens are full of love and purrs, making them an absolute delight to be around.

Melinda Blain, known as @bottlebabyfosters on social media, shares that these two furry companions are inseparable and always keep each other in sight. The rescue organization is optimistic about finding a permanent home for them both once they are mature enough to be adopted.

Melinda Blain, who goes by the username @bottlebabyfosters, shared how her foster kittens always nap on her lap after playing and how they cuddle together. These adorable siblings provided each other with comfort during their ordeal, but now they are healthy, happy, and surrounded by love.

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