“Surviving Adversity: The Journey of Rescued Kittens from Suffering to Joyful Lives”

Luke and Skywalker were discovered malnourished, frightened, and flea-ridden in a soggy cardboard box. Both kittens had injuries, including Luke having his tail and foot bottom sliced off, leaving him without any toes or pads. Skywalker was found to have a spinal injury that impeded his ability to walk. Despite the pain, both kittens purred when given attention by their rescuers. The Celia Hammond Animal Trust clinic took them in, naming them after characters from Star Wars for their unyielding spirit. The clinic launched an appeal to raise funds for surgery and physiotherapy to help the kittens regain their mobility. Thousands of pounds have been donated, and the clinic hopes to give the kittens a chance at a better life.


The condition of the animals was so bad that we were unsure about their survival. It was really distressing and I can’t fathom how someone could have let it happen. Thankfully, they are now in intensive care and slowly recovering. It was heartbreaking to see their wounds, some of which had little bones jutting out. Despite this, they have shown remarkable progress in a short time and will need a few more months to fully recuperate. While we may need to restrict their movement, they are still very affectionate and loving towards us. It’s hard to comprehend why anyone would treat them so cruelly.


Upon discovering the cardboard box, it was clear that it had been there for a considerable amount of time due to how soaked it was. Ms Hammond expressed her surprise at the kindness of others, as they have raised over £4,500 to fund the treatment for the cats since their arrival at the center last month. The generous donations are necessary as the cats require surgery two or three times a week, resulting in substantial expenses. Ms Hammond hopes that someone will take them to see a veterinarian, but regardless of their conditions, the cats continue to show resilience by bouncing back and wanting to play. Truly remarkable indeed.


The trust will need to bear significant expenses for the treatment and rehabilitation of these boys, including money, time, and intensive care. Therefore, any assistance with the cost of surgery and care for the brothers would be greatly appreciated on their long journey towards recovery. The Met Police is currently investigating the incident. Animal Friends’ Director of Claims, Westley Pearson, commented that such stories are unfortunately becoming more common. Nonetheless, he expressed gratitude for the support provided by wonderful animal charities, such as the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, which recently received a donation of £10,000. These charities will help care for the kittens and hopefully find them loving homes in the future.

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