“The Celebrity Feline: Meet the 13kg Cat with a ‘Giant’ Physique”

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to keep pets and have high standards for their animals’ purity and appearance. Unfortunately, this can lead to the abandonment of animals with perceived defects, resulting in a growing number of animals in shelters. In 2018, Love Meow reported on Tommy Boy, a massive gray cat weighing nearly 13kg, who was found in a box outside Tracy rescue organization in California. It seemed as though someone attempted to avoid paperwork by abandoning the cat in this way.

While Tommy Boy’s size was impressive, his shyness spoke volumes about his personality. He retreated further into himself upon arriving at his new home, perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the strange surroundings. Upon examination, veterinarians discovered that Tommy Boy was overweight, which could compromise his health. They recommended a diet and exercise program to help him shed the extra pounds.
 Tommy Boy was taken in by the organization's staff.  (Photo: Love Meow)
The staff of the organization kindly welcomed Tommy Boy. He was taken in and given a new home. (Photo: Love Meow)
 The guy shocked people with his weight.  (Photo: Love Meow)
The man’s weight amazed those who saw him. (Image: Love Meow)
 Babies often hide under blankets to avoid contact with people.  (Photo: Love Meow)
According to Love Meow, a service worker named Beth Palacios at the lifeguard station encountered a unique case involving a cat named Tommy Boy who hides under blankets to avoid human contact. Despite being extremely cute, Tommy Boy is timid and requires comfort and interaction before being able to socialize. The organization responsible for his care has been working to reintegrate him into the community, but his progress has been slow. However, a netizen named Alex Sparks visited Tommy Boy and was immediately drawn to him. Even though he still hid under his blanket, Alex’s presence seemed to have a positive effect on the cat.
 When he met Alex, Tommy also buried himself under the blanket to hide.  (Photo: Love Meow)
Tommy decided to join Alex under the blanket and conceal himself when they first met. (Image: Love Meow)
 But he is very affectionate with the girl.  (Photo: Love Meow)
According to Love Meow, Alex recently lost a beloved pet and was hesitant to adopt a new one. However, when she met Tommy, she couldn’t resist his charm. Despite his large size, Tommy’s adorable face stood out to her. After spending several hours with him, the two began to bond and Alex decided to take him home with her. Although there were other people interested in adopting Tommy, the staff observed that he had developed a special connection with Alex and ultimately chose to give him to her. Over three days, they happily interacted and got to know each other better before becoming inseparable companions.
 The big boss is exercised by the owner.  (Photo: Love Meow)
The owner is the one who is keeping the big boss active and energetic. This can be seen in a photo posted by Love Meow.
 Tommy and Dube - matching cards.  (Photo: Love Meow)
Love Meow shares a heartwarming photo of Tommy and Dube, who are playing with matching cards.
 The cat has lost nearly 3kg, the appearance looks slimmer.  (Photo: Love Meow)
Tommy Boy, the cat, has shed almost 3 kilograms and now appears to be slimmer. This amazing transformation can be attributed to the loving care of its owner. Tommy’s life has improved significantly in the new house, making him more outgoing and clingy towards his owner. As a result, he has become the best friend of Dube, his owner. They spend their days playing together, eating, drinking, and sleeping. Alex, the owner, shared that Tommy has undergone a significant change and adheres to the prescribed diet and exercise regimen. The girl is overjoyed with the progress and is delighted to see Tommy happily living with the family. The owner intends to continue assisting the “big baby” in achieving a healthy weight and showering it with love.

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