The Happy Adoption of a Blind Rescue Kitten Who Found Beauty in Her New Home

Introducing Morwen, a charming rescue kitten from Georgia who is visually impaired and just turned one year old. She had to endure cruelty and abandonment before finding her forever home. Despite her challenging experiences, Morwen persevered and displayed remarkable fortitude. Tati Romeo, Lost Cats Georgia’s director and Morwen’s loving owner, shares the inspiring story of this exceptional feline.

A Bumpy Beginning
Morwen’s life started off on a difficult note, as she was rescued from a hoarding situation in very poor health. Sadly, she had suffered a severe upper respiratory infection that caused both of her eyes to rupture, ultimately leaving her without sight. Despite all the other cats from the same case finding new homes, Morwen remained unadopted. However, things took a turn when I came across her.

When Morwen caught my eye, I knew immediately that she was the one for me. Her captivating charm led me to name her after a witch from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles with eight cats. Despite the fact that all three of my beloved felines have visual impairments, I consider them to be extra special rather than requiring special care. They all possess a remarkable resilience and refuse to let anything hold them back.

Isn’t it remarkable how tough cats can be? Let’s give some recognition to felines that have unique qualities and teach those looking to adopt that these furry friends are great companions. Cats that may have vision impairments can still live life to the fullest. It’s truly fascinating how much we can learn from our beloved cats!

Can you describe Morwen’s character?
Morwen is a bold and daring feline with a spunky demeanor. She holds the title of “master of the household” and doesn’t hesitate to put her siblings in line. During her early days, she struggled with climbing and seemed hesitant to attempt it. To alleviate her struggle, I purchased stairs that helped her scale the couch, bed, and cat tree with ease.

I am thrilled to report that my feline companion has accomplished quite an impressive feat – she is now able to effortlessly ascend to the summit of our towering six-foot-tall cat tree, where she can comfortably relax and survey her surroundings. Despite being visually impaired, Morwen displays remarkable confidence and fearlessness, never allowing her condition to hold her back in any way.

Morwen has been a true blessing in my life, particularly during a difficult period when I was faced with the prospect of losing my own vision in 2014. This was an incredibly frightening time for me, but having Morwen by my side provided me with an invaluable source of comfort and support.

Let’s give some extra love and attention to unique cats and spread awareness about the importance of adopting rescue pets. We should celebrate cats who may have disabilities or differences and show that they are just as deserving of love and affection. Remember, being blind is still beautiful and these kitties have so much love to give!

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