Tiny Kitten’s Disappearance Too Cute to Ignore

When Milo the little kitten was discovered, he was incredibly tiny. But now, he brings his owners surprise presents on a daily basis.
cute black kitten, cat toy
In Montreal, a kind-hearted individual discovered Milo as a helpless and shivering newborn kitten. The little one was abandoned by his mother and desperately in need of constant attention and nourishment. Fortunately, the volunteers of Chatons Orphelins Montreal came to his rescue after seeing a plea for help. They safely transported him to their facility where he received the love and care he needed to thrive.
orphaned newborn kitten
Milo was discovered alone and abandoned, with no mother or siblings in sight by the kind folks at ChatonsOrphelins Montreal. This little furball was incredibly small, weighing in at just 102 grams, and unfortunately covered in dirt. However, Milo proved to be a fighter from the start with an impressive will to live. The team used a heat source to warm him up before feeding him, and he eagerly finished his first bottle with a ravenous hunger.
newborn kitten bottle feeding
Right from the beginning, Milo was an exceptional bottle-fed baby kitten. The team at ChatonsOrphelins Montreal noticed that in just a matter of two days, Milo had gained an impressive 35 grams of weight, resulting in an adorable and round little belly. This is mainly due to his foster mom Milena, who diligently fed him every two hours, providing him with all the nourishment he needed to survive.

As time passed, Milo continued to thrive and make significant progress in terms of size and strength. He achieved one milestone after another, such as learning how to eat from a dish and using the litter box with ease, all on his own. Despite his tiny size, Milo proved to be an independent and determined little feline.
cute house panther kitten
As soon as Milo was old enough to move around and enjoy his surroundings, his curious nature and exploratory spirit began to shine through. He became a lively and energetic force, darting around his room with all the confidence of a seasoned explorer.
He loved nothing more than climbing up onto his pillow fort and playfully attacking the air pockets above him, and when he finally tired himself out, he would seek out his human companions for a cozy nap in their laps. Each day, Milo’s playful antics brought joy and laughter to all who knew him.
pillow kitten snuggly
Milo, a kitten rescued by ChatonsOrphelins Montreal, has turned into an inquisitive, daring, and affectionate feline. According to the rescue, he adores being the center of attention and enjoys cuddles. He’s also extremely sociable and playful. Whenever his humans are working on their computers, Milo becomes an excellent office assistant and follows them around. His purring is so loud that it sounds like a motor running whenever he is held. He is a lovely addition to any home.
playful kitten milo
At ChatonsOrphelins Montreal, Milo’s lively kitten stage unveiled his talent for fetching items. He enjoyed exploring and would proudly display his discovery in his mouth, then bring it back to his foster mother.
kitten fetching
Milo has a cute habit of carrying various items in his mouth and bringing them to his beloved family over at ChatonsOrphelins Montreal. Whether it’s a toy, a piece of cloth, or just something random, he does it with such enthusiasm and pride. His foster mom is always greeted with a look of satisfaction after receiving his “gift”. Milo is quite the social cat and needs to be near his people all the time, otherwise he’ll start meowing and seeking them out. He also loves taking naps on their laps and even their necks.
cute kitten fetching milo

cute kitten fetching milo
With his head held high, the little kitten exuded an air of pride as he basked in the love and affection showered upon him by his new family at ChatonsOrphelins Montreal. Despite having arrived alone and motherless, he was now the center of attention and had found a forever home where he would be cherished.
kitten hugs feather toy
Milo has finally found his permanent residence. Check out more heartwarming stories from Chatons Orphelins Montreal on their social media pages, including Instagram @comrescuemontreal and Facebook. Share this good news with your buddies!

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