Truffles the Feline: Providing Comfort to Kids Wearing Eyeglasses

Therapy dogs are known for helping people combat fears and illnesses, but we rarely hear about cats being utilized in the same way. That is until we meet Truffles the cat, who helps children overcome their fear of wearing glasses by wearing a pair herself. Truffles was rescued by optometrist Danielle Crull in 2016 and proved to be quite the intelligent feline, quickly learning tricks such as sitting and high-fiving with the help of treats. Danielle, who owns an optometric ambulance, had the idea to utilize Truffles’ intelligence for good by teaching her how to wear glasses and bringing her to the “A Child’s Eye” dispensary in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Children who were previously afraid or uncomfortable with the optometrist or wearing glasses found a hero in Truffles, who showed them that wearing glasses is beneficial. Although not an official therapy cat, Truffles has become an unlikely hero to many children.





Truffles the Cat is a helpful companion for children who need to wear glasses. The website talks about how the cat can assist in adjusting to this new accessory.

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