“Trust-Forging Feline Friendship: Kittens Bond over Helping a Wobbly Bunny”

A pair of young cats managed to build mutual trust by supporting one another. Later on, they expanded their social circle by developing a friendship with a bunny that had a wobbly gait.

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Kumar the bunny and Kimchi the kitten were introduced to Asa, a kind-hearted foster volunteer of Animal Welfare League of Arlington. However, the duo of feline sisters did not take kindly to their new caretaker. They immediately retreated to a corner and were so afraid that they couldn’t even make eye contact. Asa spent a lot of time with them, waiting patiently for them to feel at ease and approach her. Over time, their fear subsided, and they began to trust Asa more and more.

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After a short span of time, the little kittens grew more confident and began to explore their surroundings. Upon realizing that their caretaker was the source of their favorite food and treats, their engines started to rev with excitement. Kimchi was the first to gain courage, and she started to follow her foster mother around the house with confidence. Asa, their caregiver, worked hard to encourage Wasabi to join in on the fun too. Finally, Wasabi came around and the two tabby sisters became inseparable. They played together and fed off each other’s energy.

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Shibuyarollcall has a pair of cats that are closely attached to each other. Asa, their foster mom, reported a significant improvement in Wasabi’s behavior after three weeks. The feline approached Asa and even rubbed against her, which was a first-time occurrence. Subsequently, both cats would meow and chirp in response to Asa’s conversations with them.

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@shibuyarollcall shared that Kimchi had to take a step of faith and trust, while Wasabi learned to be courageous by being around her sister. They have a lot of love to offer once they open up. After a month of fostering, they welcomed a new furry friend with long ears named Kumar. He’s a three-year-old bunny who only weighs four pounds.

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As per Shibuya Roll Call’s tweet, Kumar is an adorable bunny who requires special attention due to his neurological issues. He tends to wobble while moving around but that doesn’t stop him from being a happy and healthy rabbit. Despite his condition, Kumar has swiftly adapted to his new home with ease.

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@shibuyarollcall reported that the two tabby sisters had a friendly interaction with Kumar, showing him kindness and gentleness as he tried to adjust. The sisters even kept him company in his crib. Following Kumar’s arrival, Wasabi’s behavior has become more relaxed, and she can now comfortably relax on the couch with Asa.

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The trio of friends, Kumar and the sisters from @shibuyarollcall, bonded quickly. Kumar was delighted to have the sisters around as they motivated him to play more, and even jump with joy. The kittens also attempted to sneak sips of water from his bowl or help him groom his fur. Interestingly, Kimchi observed Kumar eating hay and followed suit by snacking on it too.

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Kimchi attempted to imitate Kumar’s snacking habit during the Shibuya Roll Call event. As the kittens were ready to leave and start their new lives, they were fortunate enough to find a loving family that would spoil them for the rest of their days. Before they left, they shared a touching moment with their foster mother and Kumar on the morning of their departure.

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Asa shared a cute moment where Kumar joined Kimchi for a quick nap. They seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. Meanwhile, Wasabi was showing extra affection by crawling onto Asa’s lap and purring nonstop like expressing his gratitude.

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Kumar and Kimchi were caught snuggling up together, proving that they’ve developed a bond of trust. It’s heartwarming to see them grow up in a cozy indoor setting that’s safe and filled with love. Although he’s yet to find his forever home, Kumar’s current situation is far from shabby. His foster mom spoils him with all the attention and care he needs, and he also gets regular visits from other furry friends in the house.

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