Unbreakable Bond: The Heartfelt Story of Two Abandoned Kittens Who Stick Together After Being Rescued.


The moment Kali and Gusto were snuggled up in a cozy double murrito with a towel wrapped around them, they immediately relaxed. Their happiness is at its peak when they’re together. Kali, the gray girl, is the fearless one among the pair while Gusto, with his red hair, enjoys mimicking everything his sister does.


As per Celine Krom from Chatons Orphelins Montréal, the adorable little animals seem to have adjusted well to their current abode and are happily frolicking around. It’s heartening to know that the kittens have settled in comfortably and are even learning how to eat from a plate together.


Similar to a mischievous group of bandits, they engage in playful antics all around the house. Selin describes the cats as charming and sociable creatures with distinct personalities. While both felines share a tight bond, Kali particularly enjoys human company and affectionate embraces.



The siblings are grateful to find a safe haven where they can enjoy tasty food and the company of caring individuals. They had to walk long distances and protect each other during their journey, but now they can finally settle down as permanent residents and continue on their adventure.



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