“Unlikely Duo: Blind Cat Finds Comfort in Shelter Sister’s Company”


We had no doubts about bringing our beloved feline, Liah, along with us to Germany. She’s a lively, independent, and playful cat, and I made sure to pack plenty of toys for her. I bought her balls with little jingling bells inside but soon discovered that she didn’t need the added noise. Her favorite toys turned out to be the soft, noiseless balls.

Since Liah is an indoor kitty, I believed it was essential for her to have a feline friend. When I stumbled upon Luna at an animal shelter, I knew she was the perfect addition to our family.


Initially, Liah wasn’t too fond of Luna, but things changed when Luna developed a chlamydia infection a few weeks after I adopted her. Despite our best efforts to help Luna recover, we couldn’t keep a close watch on her. However, during this time, Liah showed her caring side towards Luna and became quite fond of her.


She had a sense that things had changed and she was experiencing some discomfort, but her friend offered her solace which made her feel better. The two best friends enjoyed spending time together, playing fetch and ball like a small soccer team. They also loved to take care of each other by giving baths.


It’s simply delightful to have my furry companions by my side, whether snuggled up or snoozing together. They bring so much joy to my life and I feel grateful to have them in it. Check out more articles on our Animal World page.

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