We Saved This Spirited Muddy Cat And He Matured Into Such a Suave Gentleman

My colleague Win moved to Shanghai a year ago. She didn’t know anyone and was living alone. Most of our officemates had pets and our packaging design agency Holmes Marchant encouraged us to bring them to work, so Win decided to adopt a rescue.

An ad was posted for a kitten that almost got run over by a car, the kitty looked so dirty and sick, but most of all, ANGRY that he was outside! He wanted someone to love him already! One year later…

More info: Instagram

The lady who found this cat was going on holiday and couldn’t keep him, saying she would let him back out in the streets if no one came to adopt him

Our first look at the little guy. Don’t let his size fool you. He was YELLING, asking to be loved already!

First time to meet his new momma, who named the little feisty tuxedo Lucifur

Lucifur had a bad eye infection and worms, but otherwise healthy

He visited the vet and received treatment. After a few months he got a clean bill of health. He was still grumpy though

When his eye infection healed up, Lucifur was so happy to see his momma

He finally got the love he deserved! His mom brought him to work with her every day. She would work and he would snooze on her lap

Soon he was running around spreading evil and mayhem while his mom ran after him

Here he is complaining he wasn’t given tuna fast enough. Such a smart boy!

One year later and Lucifur is charming all the ladies at momma’s workplace

He even got a baby brother to play with him, Shadow! Shadow follows Lucifur around, and big bro always grooms him

Lucifur knows he’s handsome and well dressed

What a change in just a year! From a dirty, sickly little thing to such a handsome devil

Happy together!

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